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New York is a great city. Today I was at the library, & I asked the librarian for a library card. He told me I first had to prove I was from New York.

So I stabbed him.

In a public library, a man with his new library card questioned the blonde librarian.

Do you mean to say, he asked, that with this card I may take out any book I want?
Yes, she answered.
And may I take out vinyl records too?
Yes, you may.
May I take you out? he ventured.
*"Sir, the librarians are for reference only. *

Why can't accountants get library cards?

They're book-keepers.

I went to court today because i took a piece of literature from the library without my card

They threw the book at me.

Scientists recently discovered a fossil of a giant bespectacled dinosaur carrying a library card.

They wasted no time naming its genus *thesaurus*

Yo mamma so s**... when she went to the library to get an application for a library card they said: "I need your ID" she gave them an EBT card.

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