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Funny Libraries Jokes and Puns

Do you know why libraries don't have books about suicide?

They never get returned

What kind of building is the tallest?

Libraries, because they have the most stories!

Why are libraries so strict?

Because they have to go by the book.

Libraries joke, Why are libraries so strict?

Why is it a good idea to put more books in prison libraries?

Because the prose outweigh the cons.

How does North Korea have such great libraries?

They have a supreme reader

Libraries have really expanded in terms of what they can help with - I just saw a man bring his laptop to the help desk asking how he can check the weather

The librarian had to show him how to use windows

Why does Bill Clinton keep getting kicked out of libraries?

Because he won't stop bending over all the pages...

Libraries joke, Why does Bill Clinton keep getting kicked out of libraries?

In response to bankruptcy, AMC will open libraries in their theaters

They're calling it paper-view.

What's the biggest dilemma of libraries

Deciding where to put the bible, fiction or non-fiction

Why can't you trust crowded libraries?

They're full of 'shhh'.

libraries are like communist bookstores.

No food allowed.

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Incognito mode must be disabled in libraries.

I activated it, but somehow they caught it all on camera.

How did Nazis keep track of books in libraries?

The Jewey Decimal System!

Before the internet…

…did people have to go to libraries to figure out how to do their job?

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