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Funniest Liberty Short Jokes

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  1. Why did France give the Statue of Liberty to the USA? Because the French had no use for a statue with only one hand in the air.
  2. Why did the French give the statue of liberty to America? They had no use for a statue with only one hand raised
  3. Did you know Liberty Mutual customizes your home bread making experience? You only pay for what you knead.
  4. Was out of the loop. Asian friend told me United Airlines has the power to deny your liberties He said they punched his rights out.
  5. Feminism Joke Man: So what do you want?
    Feminist: I want equal rights and liberties as men.
    Man: I couldn't agree with you more... because if I did, you would have a problem with that.
  6. Why did France give the Statue of Liberty to the United States? They had no use for one with one one hand up.
  7. Why did they put Patrick Henry in a submarine? Because he said "Give me liberty or give me depth".
  8. The crime problem in New York is getting really serious. The other day the Statue of Liberty had both hands up.
  9. TIL why Liberty Mutual's commercials are so bad They only pay for what they need!
    I should've realized that before just now...
  10. Why do so many Incels take a tour to the Statue of Liberty? So they can finally get into a woman.

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Liberty One Liners

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  1. What kind of tea did the American colonists want? Liberty
  2. What does the Statue Of Liberty stand for She can't sit down.
  3. Yo mama so ugly Lady Liberty blew her torch out so she wouldn't have to see her.
  4. What do they call American Liberty in Israel? A valid target.
  5. Why is the Statue of Liberty hollow? You would be to if you gave birth to a nation
  6. Do you know why the USA have the Statue of Liberty? Because that's where it was buried.
  7. Why didn't Thomas Jefferson drive a jeep Wrangler? Because he always fought for LIBERTY!
  8. Theres a new sign on the statue of liberty Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
  9. The Statue of Liberty is alive, but Chuck Norris told her not to move.
  10. How do you increase a woman's liberty ? By enlarging the kitchen.
  11. Why the statue of liberty is a woman? Because they need a brainless for the oriel
  12. What's under Lady Liberty's dress? Freedong.
  13. Did you hear the joke about the Liberty Bell? Yeah, it cracked me up!
  14. The last time I was inside a woman was when I went to the Statue of Liberty.
  15. What does the L in North Korea stand for? Liberty

Statue Liberty Jokes

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  • Statue of Liberty How do you know the Statue of Liberty isn't French?
    It doesn't have both arms raised.
    And yes I know the French manufactured the Statue of Liberty and gave it to the United States
  • You know this country is in bad shape When the Statue of Liberty has to work part time as a sign spinner.
  • The statue of unity and the statue of liberty walk into a bar "So buddy", asks the statue of unity "How's the liberty in your country"?
    "Same as unity in yours"
  • Eiffel designed the structural support for the Statue of Liberty If you were to look up her dress, you'd see an Eiffel.
    (I made this joke up, and it's factual information.)
  • Why is the Statue of Liberty hollow? Because she's really French, and the French have no GUTS!
  • The French are so disappointed... They are planning to ask for the return of the Liberty Statue.
  • Do you know why the Statue of Liberty's nose is 11 inches long? Because one more and it would be a foot!
  • So the Statue of Liberty went dark today once again proving that once you go black you immediately go back after a couple hours of maintenance.
  • A t**... tells the s**... bomber they shouldn't attack the Statue of Liberty, because she's "too easy" ... The bomber shrugs and replies "Eh, I'd still bang"
  • On our first date, we took turns h**... the base of the Statue of Liberty ...we really got off on the right foot.

Liberty Bell Jokes

Here is a list of funny liberty bell jokes and even better liberty bell puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • One time I f**... and it sounded like the liberty bell It even had a crack in it

Liberty University Jokes

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  • j**... Falwell Jr is leaving Liberty university... he says he wants to spend more time watching his family.
Liberty joke, j**... Falwell Jr is leaving Liberty university...

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Denise and WHAT?!

A woman falls into a coma as she is giving birth. When she wakes up a few weeks later, the doctor greets her with some news.
"Congratulations! You had twins; a boy and a girl. Since you were in a coma, we gave your brother the liberty of naming your children."
"What did he name them?" she worriedly asked, "he isn't very bright!"
"Your daughter is Denise," replied the doctor.
Slightly relieved she says, "That's not so bad! And the boy?"

j**... Falwell Jr has resigned his post as president from the school that his father founded

When reporters were seeking a statement, he was not at Liberty to respond

The President of Brazil, France and United States share a flight around the world

The United state president puts his hands out of the windows and says:
"We are in the US! I just touched the Statue of Liberty"
Some time passes, the French president puts his hands out and says out loud:
"Now we are in France. I just touched the Eiffel tower".
After a while the Brazilian president also puts his hands out of the Airplane and says:
"Yes, we finally are in Brazil. I just had my watch stolen"

Control system theory joke

As Polish airline is flying into New York City, the captain announces over the address system, for those of you on the right side of the aircraft, you can see the Statue of Liberty out your window.
Immediately everyone in the seats on the left crowded into the right side, leaning over the other passengers to try to see out the window. Because of the sudden shift in weight, the pilot lost control, and the plane crashed, killing everyone aboard.
The official report said that the accident was due to instability caused by poles in the right half plane.

Once an American, a French and an Indian were travelling in an airplane.

To find out where they have reached, the American stretched his hand out of the plane and said, "We have reached America".
The other two asked how for which he replied,"Well my hand hit the Statue of Liberty".
Next the French stretches his hand out and said,"We have reached France".
The other two asks how for which he replied,"Well my hand hit the Eiffel Tower".
Then the Indian puts his hand out of the plane and said, "We have reached India".
The other two asks how and he replied, "Well someone stole my watch".

Edward Carrington Marshal, the only son of John Marshall, who was the original owner of the famous Liberty Bell, was found dead.

Police suspect Will Smith, since his fresh prints were found on the bell heir.

An American, a Frenchman and a Romanian were flying together

– Now we're in America, said the American proudly. Look, the Statue of Liberty!
After several hours, the Frenchman says:
– Now we're in France! Look, the Eiffel Tower!
After some more couple of hours, the romanian says:
– We are in Romania.
– How did you realize that? It's dark outside.
– My wrist watch has disappeared

An American, a Chinese and an Indian went on a world tour by Air.

The American proudly declared "we have reached my homeland USA" pointing at the Statue of Liberty.
After some hours, the Chinese pointed at the Great Wall of China and exclaimed "friends, we have reached China".
More hours went by and all eyes were on the Indian. He calmly opened the window and put his hand outside. When he pulled his arm back, his wristwatch was gone. Unconcerned, he announced "Guys, welcome to India."

A competition is held to determine who is the world's best magician

David Blaine performs first with his famous trick. He waves his hand, and, *p**...*, the card disappears.
David Copperfield performs next. He waves his hand, and, *p**...*, the Statue of Liberty disappears.
Finally, a guy with a beard dressed in rags and sandals comes on stage. Nobody expects him to best the world's most famous magicians. But he waves his hand, and, *p**...*...
...the 300,000-man strong Afghan National Army disappears.

Don't blame Trump for this immigration policy,

Lady Liberty tried to come over from France 130 years ago and they still haven't let her in!

My dad was trying to tell me that Republicans want liberty and justice for their rear ends

His exact words were "their pro-states rights"

Liberty Bowl 2014

Of course it comes as no surprise that just across the street from the "AutoZone Liberty Bowl" would be the "Advanced AutoParts Freedom Bowl".

Liberty joke, Why didn't Thomas Jefferson drive a Jeep Wrangler?

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