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What do libertarians and house cats have in common?

They both act like they are independent and self sufficient but in reality are utterly dependent on a system they can neither appreciate nor understand.

I finally understand the difference between capitalism, libertarianism, and socialism.

Capitalists hire libertarians to say socialism is bad. Socialists say capitalism is bad for free. And libertarians will say everyone else is bad as long as they get paid.

How many libertarians does it take to change a light bulb?

None. The free market will change it for us.

How do we know Milo Yiannopoulos isn't a libertarian?

Libertarians don't drive slow in school zones.

How many Libertarians does it take to screw in a light bulb?

"Does it even matter? We're all s**... anyway, man."

How many libertarians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None, the lightbulb has to pull itself up by the bootstraps and screw itself in

What's the difference between Libertarians and Marxist Communists?

Libertarians still exist

An art museum in Virginia...

An art museum in Virginia recently opened an exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe's male n**.... The display of that kind of art in a conservative state has lead to a great deal of local controversy, with local church groups picketing the museum, along with counter-demonstrators by art lovers, civil libertarians, and gay rights groups.

The local paper has begun referring to it as the Battle of Manasses.

All cats are Libertarians!

Completely dependent on others, but fully convinced of their own independence.

How are Libertarians and National Socialists similar?

They both follow Austrian economics.

Why do libertarians never win elections?

Most of the people who would vote for them aren't of legal voting age

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Why do Republican libertarians play Xbox more than their friends?

They hate it when everything has to be PC.

Why don't all Libertarian candidates have dwarfism?

I thought Libertarians believed in small government.

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