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Why do ghosts make bad liars?

Because you can see right through them.

7 out of every 10 people admit to peeing in the shower

and 3 out of every 10 people are liars

Why are atoms known for being such liars?

oh, they make up EVERYTHING!

Liars joke, Why are atoms known for being such liars?

Where do liars go?


What is your favorite "There are two kinds of people..." joke?

My favorite is "There are two kinds of people...those who cheat at 7-up, and god damned liars."

Why are gay people bad liars?

They can't keep a straight face


whats the difference between a lawyer and a liar?

liars sometimes unknowingly speak the truth

Liars joke, LAWYER JOKE

There are two types of people in life

Those that pee in the shower

And Liars!

My sister told me I'm the biggest liar she's ever met

She most know some pretty short liars.

Atoms are all liars...

They make up everything!

Credit to wherever my awesomely lame chemistry teacher finds her corny jokes :)

Liars tend not make eye contact,

which is why I don't trust pirates half the time.

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Rio is full of liars, cheaters, thieves, and drug abusers.

And that's just the athletes.

Four Liars and a Pothead walk into a bar...

And someone says, "Hey, look! It's the US Olympic Swimming Team!"

What do you call people who don't care about appearances?


There's only one type of person...

Honest folk and liars.

Liars make their bed and....

lie there too.

Liars joke, Liars make their bed and....

I rushed to the clothes store when I heard all women's pants are half off.

But I saw no women with their pants down. Dumbass liars.

Why are kid's books bad liars?

Because they're easy to read.

The first rule of The Liars Club:

Tell everybody you're in the Fight Club

What makes the band Tool sexy liars?

They fib'n'naughty

Ghosts make the worst liars...

You can see right through them.

While wandering through the woods....

I came upon a rabbit who said he could jump over the moon. So I shot him. Then I happened upon a deer who said he was faster than the speed of light. So I shot him. Then a bear appeared and said he was in the Russian space program. So I shot him.

Remember, only you can prevent forest liars.

What happens to liars when they die?

They lie still

What are atoms terrible liars?

Politicians are the biggest liars!

Take Hilary Clinton for instance. Last year she said she was 69, and now she's saying that she's 70! ^(btw not a factorial)

Ghosts are terrible liars.

You can see right through them.

Repeat after me ..... SAPIOSEXUAL ARE LIARS.

All politicians are liars.

Look at John F. Kennedy, he swore he'd serve a full term.

There are two types of parents...

The ones who had their child through an accidental pregnancy, and the liars.

60% of people are liars and 90% of people pull numbers from their ass

This is 100% true

Reposters are the opposite of liars

Liars swear they made nothing up.
Reposters swear they made *everything* up.

A girl is talking to her dog.

The neighbours say you've been chasing people riding on a bike, she says.

Liars, the dog says. I don't have a bike.

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