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Mom: - "Get up Liam, you will be late for school."

- "But I don't wanna go, all the teachers and students hate me."
- "You have to go."
- "Give me one reason why I should go."
- "Your 35, and you're the principal."

A New Movie - Stephen Spielberg

Stephen Speilberg has just recently decided to create a new action movie about the greatest composers on Earth. His creates his cast and asks them 'Who do you want to be' ...

Bruce Willis says to him 'I ll play Beethoven, i've always fancied myself as a bit of a genius'

Liam Neeson then pipes up saying 'Im going to be Mozart, i find his music very relaxing and very baroque'

Lastly Arnold Schwarzenegger says 'Ill be Bach'

A middle-aged teacher named Mrs. Jackson saw one of her first grade boys making rude faces at the preschoolers on the playground

She said "You know, Liam, when I was a little girl I was told that if I made ugly faces it might freeze and stay like that."
Liam replied "Well sorry Mrs. Jackson, but you can't say you weren't warned.

Liam joke, A middle-aged teacher named Mrs. Jackson saw one of her first grade boys making rude faces at the pr

In Dublin, a very nervous Liam brings his girlfriend to meet his father for the first time.

Liam (to father): This is Amanda

Father: A fooking WHAT!?

I'd be scared to buy an LG Tv

Liam Neeson may find me!

Here's a joke without a setup or a punchline.

That was the joke.

(Credit to: Liam Williams UK comedian)

How is Liam Neeson and an ionic bond alike?

They are always having something get taken.

Liam joke, How is Liam Neeson and an ionic bond alike?

What do you call an Irish bodyguard?

Liam Malone.

Liam Neeson was walking on a road.

He suddenly slipped and fell, twisting his knee. He looks around for some help. He sees a kid with a balloon coming towards him.

"Hey kid. Come here." He called him, asking for his help.

"Hello Liam Neeson, I see you are hurt. What happened?" He asks.

"Hurt my knee kid. Can you help me please?"

"Sure, take this." He says, handing him the balloon.

"What's this for?" Looking at him, confused.

"This is full of Heal-Liam."

What is Liam Neeson's favorite video game?

Fallout 3... Fallout 3.

Liam Neeson is making a cameo in the up coming "Cars 3" himself, Liam Nissan.

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What do you call an Irish man who's always breaking up fights?

Liam Mallone

Bruce Willis and Liam Neeson have signed up to do a movie together

It's called 'Taken Hard'

Why did the doctor float away after healing Liam Neeson

He became Heal-Liam

Man walks into a Catholic church at night

To his surprise, two priests walk up to excitedly greet him.

"Hello!" Says the other. "I am Paul Unch, and this is Liam Ine, we're the priests here. If you'll walk this way-"

"Hold up", says the man. "P. Unch and L. Ine? I'm in a stupid joke, right?"

"O-ho!" exclaims Ine. "You got us!"

"Alright, screw this. I'm leaving." And he walks out in a huff.

"Well, that got rid of him", said Ine. "Paul, get the altar boys back in."

Liam Neeson doesn't want to do action movies anymore.

Taken: A Break

Liam joke, Liam Neeson doesn't want to do action movies anymore.

They should make another Taken movie about Liam Neeson being underappreciated for keeping his family safe

It should be called Taken 4: Granted

My favorite anime character

liam ni-san

Tonight I'm going to go see the commuter with Liam Neeson

Cuz he's my friend and he invited me

liam neeson is the taco bell of actors

it's the same 4 ingredients 50 ways but i always have to try their new taco just in case my breath gets taken again

Liam Neeson's first choice of username was taken

His second choice was taken too

Why is it hard for Liam Neeson to enjoy Valentine's Day?

Because all the girls are taken

Why didn't Jeff Goldblum go all Liam Neeson when his wife was taken?

Because his wife cannot be contained, wife breaks free, wife

..... finds a way

Why hasn't Liam Neeson been nominated for another Oscar in the last 10 years?

All his roles have been Taken

What is Liam Neeson's Greatest Fear?

Child Protective Services

Finally a Taken movie that shows how under appreciated Liam is..

Taken 4: Granted

Liam neeson has stopped doing movies for a while.

He's Taken a break.

What did the knee name his son?


What's the beat car to take your daughter from human traffickers?

A Liam Nissan.

I like my women how I like my Liam Neeson movies


Relationship Status:

Taken by Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson never snowboards.

He has a very specific set of skis.

sat next to Liam Gallagher at a restaurant last night and they bought his soup without any bread. He didn't even blink, just yelled

you got a roll with it?

What do you call the world's most badass sedan?

A Liam Nissan

All the uproar about Liam Neeson's racist comments is a bit much

Can't we let Qui-Gons be Qui-Gons...?

Can't wait to see Liam Neeson's new film

Taken: Out Of Context.

Jussie Smollett paid two black actors to beat him up,

when Liam Neeson would have done it for nothing.

Didn't see Liam Neeson at the Oscars last night.

Must be on a blacklist

What do you call an Irish fella trying to break up a fight?

Liam Malone

I thought I saw Liam Neeson on the street but it turned out it was just some girl....

It was a case of Miss Taken identity.

What do yo call a tall, muscular Irishman with a temper that you shouldn't mess with?

Liam Malone

A movie studio is casting roles for a documentary about classical musicians.

Tom Cruise says I'll play the part of Mozart
Liam Neeson says I'll make a great Beethoven
Arnold Schwarzenegger says I'll be Bach

Why doesn't Liam Neeson's daughter date?

She's taken.

The universe implodes.

No matter.

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