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Funny Lgbt Jokes and Puns

How many LGBT supporters does it take to change a lightbulb?

The lightbulb is fine the way it is. Society just needs to change the way it looks at it.

What do the LGBT community and computers have in common?

Most people over 50 are scared of them and think they are destroying the fabric of society!

I'm pretty sure my electrician supports LGBT rights.

Just the other day I heard him talking about his transister.

Lgbt joke, I'm pretty sure my electrician supports LGBT rights.

Altoids has begun marketing to the LGBT community.

Their new mints are bi-curiously strong.

People doubt me when I mention how accepting Canada is towards the LGBT community.

But it's Trudeau.

LGBT should rename themselves BLTG.

It's more tasteful.

Why do LGBT people dislike coding?

It's binary

Lgbt joke, Why do LGBT people dislike coding?

"I can closely relate to the LGBT community, as my own child is a man trapped in a woman's body ..."

Fortunately for him, he'll be born next February.

Asked my dad what LGBT stands for

He started with "Lettuce? Bacon. Tomato. What's the 'g' for?"
Obviously I had to reply with "Garnish".

[True story. My dad is not an idiot either, totally normal human.]

What's the LGBT community's favorite sex position?


Doesn't the "B" in LGBT

... imply there are only 2 genders?

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I learned what LGBT stands for!

Lettuce Guacamole Bacon Tomato

Did you ever realize that the colours on the LGBT flag are actually all straight

Unless it blows?

What do you get when you put guacamole on a BLT?


You mama so stupid...

she thought LGBT was a type of sandwich

What was the anthem of Saudi Arabia's first LGBT pride parade?

We Will Rock You.

Lgbt joke, What was the anthem of Saudi Arabia's first LGBT pride parade?

What do you call an LGBT robot?

A *Trans*former

I always thought LGBT means Lettuce Ginger Bacon and Tomato...

Until my smart friend told me that G stands for Guacamole

There's a LGBT branch of Ku Klux Klan

It's called, Gay-K-K

What's the most commonly spoken language amongst LGBT people?


Why are lines on the lgbt flag straight?

Legit question

I want to start an lgbt friendly militia

An Al gayda if you will...

Why can you see the LGBT colours in the sky after it rains?

Because the sun just came out.

Where are LGBTQ vampires from?


What would you have if the LGBT community kicked out all the gays?

A pretty good sandwich

My son just told me what he thought LGBT stood for

L - Let's
G - Get down to
B - Buisness
T - To defeat the huns

What is a LGBTQ+?

It is when a LGBTQ loses an electron.

So I found out what LGBT stands for!

Lasagna, Gideon, Bread, TikTok.

What do LGBTQ folk and folk with scoliosis have in common?

None of them are straight.

(As a member of both groups I now hate myself for telling this joke).

I keep asking people what LGBT means

I can never get a straight answer

I'll never know what LGBT stands for.

Every time I ask I can never get a straight answer.

I asked 10 people what LGBT stands for

But I never got a straight answer

I keep asking what LGBTQ stands for...

I never get a straight answer

What do LGBT people drink?

Gender Fluid

If a LGBTQ person participates in a drive-by shooting, is that a...

...fruity roll-up?

I'm asking what LGBT is

But everyone keeps giving me straight answers and now I don't have a joke to tell.

I asked some people, what's LGBT?

But no one is giving me a straight answer.

What does LGBTQ stand for in 2020

Lets get back to quarantine, obviously

Stay safe everyone

How does a LGBT Communist get to work?

On their Bi-Sickle!

All cars support LGBT community.

Afterall, they all have a trans mission.

Why does the LGBTQ community do so well in school?

Because they have an A+.

A transgender person cut me in line at the supermarket.

You're LGBT, right? I asked.

You forgot about the 'Q', they replied bluntly.

No, I said, you did.

LG created a new proprietary Bluetooth technology and protestors are now rallying against the the IEEE 802.15.1 Bluetooth standard

Manufacturers have quickly adopted to LG's new protocol, as they are afraid of not supporting the LGBT.

I researched about LGBT on internet today

Just couldn't get a straight answer.

Why can't you argue with the LGBT community?

Because they're not thinking straight.

What happens when you put a lot of LGBT people in a long line?

You get a LGBTQ.

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