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So Nicole Scherzinger has gone from Lewis Hamilton to Ed Sheeran... Guess orange really is the new black.


Carl Lewis goes to a golf club

The doorman stops him and says, sorry mate, no blacks.

Carl says, "What?"

The doorman has to concede, "Yeah sorry mate, it's a bit unconventional nowadays but this is an all white golf club. But there is another Golf Club about 10 minutes down the road..."Carl: "But I'm Carl Lewis" Doorman: "Alright, 5 minutes down the road then"


BREAKING: Jack Black and Lewis Black arrested after fight outside NYC comedy club.

A classic case of Black on Black crime


So Nicole Scherzinger has went from Lewis Hamilton to Ed Sheeran...

Well, you know what they say...
Orange is the new black.


What would Daniel Day Lewis be called if he was black?

Daniel Night Lewis


TIL Lewis Black is still alive.


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