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A father caught his teenage son filming a lewd act on his cell phone with his girlfriend. He was outraged, having thought that he had raised his son to be better than this.

In his rage, he shouted, "Son! I never, ever want to see you film vertically ever again!"

What do you call an American revolutionist who listens to Beethoven while having s**... with his wife?

Lewd Whig.

What search engine is best for finding lewd pictures?


What's something that starts with P and ends with ORN?

Popcorn. I saw your lewd smile back there.

Lewd Limerick

A bather whose clothing was strewed
By breezes that left her quite n**...,
Saw a man come along
And, unless I'm quite wrong,
You expected this line to be lewd.

What do you call the ghost of a lewd Canadian rooster?

Boo-c**...-Eh? But only if you want him to come.

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