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I took levitation classes once

But I dropped out


One shabbes, Rabbi Bloom told his congregation, "Next week, my sermon will be all about the sin of lying and to help you understand it better I would like you all to read Leviticus chapter 28 before next week."
The following shabbes, at the start of his sermon, Rabbi Bloom asked his congregation, "How many of you have read Leviticus 28?" Every hand went up.
Rabbi Bloom smiled and said, "Leviticus has only 27 chapters. I will now proceed with my sermon on the sin of lying."

What do Led Zeppelin and New Orleans have in common

"When the Levi breaks, we have no place to stay"

Why did Levi Strauss suffer from chronic diarrhea?

It runs in his jeans.

I took a levitation class last year...

I passed the first stage with flying colours, but then dropped out.

Why was Levi Strauss successful?

It's in his genes.

Why did Levi invent such nice trousers?

Because he had good genes.

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