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  1. The first time Chewbacca tried to fly a ship, he pulled gear lever instead of break lever. A Wookie mistake.
  2. I was browsing in a bookstore and found an English book about unexpected uses for a pry bar. 50 Ways to Love Your Lever.
  3. I saw the bartender pull a beer from a lever in the shape of a helix. I asked him what beer that was and he said, "This is Spiral Tap."
  4. Two engineers are about to do something. One says, "first give me a moment." The other engineer hands him a lever.
  5. Have you heard of Mechadusa? She's like Medusa, but instead of turning people to stone, she turns them into simple machines.
    I was skeptical at first... but then I saw her face. Now I'm a big lever.
  6. What do you call that lever on a desk chair that adjusts lower back support? The Lumbar Jack
  7. When I get in the car after my wife had driven it, I only have to flip the center mirror lever. The difference in our height is like night and day.
  8. "All you have to do is pull the lever and Donald Trump gets launched into the black hole you $$^$ idiot!" I'm glad I got that out of my system.
  9. You may want to check out my new book on m**.... It's called "50 ways to love your lever"

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Lever One Liners

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  1. You can't lever something against half a crumb You need a fulcrum
  2. Why did Mr. Fulcrum divorce his wife? She wouldn't support him so he had to lever...
  3. Your vehicle has this magical lever That shows which direction you're turning
  4. Laziness is like a lever. I don't feel like switching it right now.
  5. Better Nate Than lever.
  6. I asked my Canadian friend for advice about my abusive girlfriend… He said lever.
  7. Why don't Overwatch players shower? Because they'll get a Lever penalty.
  8. What did the bar of soap say to the mound of dirt when it hit on his wife? Lever alone.

Lever joke, What did the bar of soap say to the mound of dirt when it hit on his wife?

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A fire breaks out in the kitchen.

The man rushes over to the emergency station and comes back with a large red tube. He points it at the fire and squeezes the lever. The tube says, that's a grease fire! The man looks closer at what he's carrying. d**..., he says, I accidentally bought a fire distinguisher!

Three Mice Are Bragging to eachother

The first mouse says: I will eat tons of mouse-poison, but it does nothing to me. The second mouse says, well for me a mouse trap is peanuts! I just pull the lever and take the cheese!
The Third says: Oh you two, stop bragging already! Wait... what time is it? Oh, I have to go home, i have to feed the cat!

I was driving my wife to work this morning when she suddenly pushed my hand from the gear lever

"What are you doing?" I asked
"Well," she said, "I've kept quiet for too long and I'm sick of you not concentrating on your driving - you do the steering and I'll stir the petrol."

Lever joke, I asked my Canadian friend for advice about my abusive girlfriend…