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  1. What do you call those dead pieces of green stuff left in the bottom of a bowl of Caesar salad? The last romaines. Now lettuce pray for them.
  2. A priest is celebrating mass. He begins with, "I was going to tell a vegetable joke, but I can't think of any, so lettuce pray."
  3. Why is there so much salad in heaven? Because lettuce pray.
  4. How do vegans start a prayer session? Lettuce pray
  5. What does a religious vegetable say Lettuce pray.
  6. What did the priest say to the person dying of E. Coli? Lettuce pray
  7. Samonella outbreaks have destroyed many great civilizations in the past... The Romaine empire has fallen, Caesar is dead, lettuce pray
  8. What did the preacher say at the vegetable mass? Lettuce pray for peas on Earth.
    Why do I bother with puns, everyone here's brain dead.
  9. What did the cabbage preacher say to their congregation? Lettuce Pray!
  10. What does a chef say after he prays before a meal? Lett-Uce eat!!!!

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  1. Caesar is dead The Romaine Empire has fallen, Lettuce pray
  2. What did the priest say before eating his salad? "Lettuce pray"
  3. Welcome to the Church of the Holy Cabbage. Lettuce pray.
  4. What did the veggies say, as they sat down for supper? "Lettuce, pray."
  5. Q: What did the Vegetarian Preacher say to his church? A: Lettuce pray!
  6. What did the Priest say to the Church of Vegetables? Lettuce pray.
  7. What did the fruit say to the vegetable, at dinner? Lettuce Pray
  8. What did the farmer say about his missing vegetables? Lettuce pray they turnip.
  9. A bowl of salad went to church Lettuce pray
  10. What do vegans say before praying? Lettuce pray.
  11. The Tomato Pastor began his sermon to the Salad Congregation "Lettuce pray"
  12. What did the priest say at the salad bar? Lettuce pray.
  13. What did Reverend Rabbit say before blessing his meal ? Lettuce Pray.
  14. What did the Christian Cabbage say before eating? Lettuce Pray.
  15. How do Vegans start grace? Lettuce pray...

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