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This article explores the implications of jokes about lethal weapons, and why familiarity with such topics just might lead to deathly consequences. We'll discuss the medicinal value of such jokes, and the need to tread carefully with these types of topics.

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  1. I once tried to make a joke about a botched lethal injection... ...but the execution failed.
  2. Guns aren't lethal!!! I did a survey of people who got shot and the result was that gunshots have a 100% survival rate
  3. What does a modern excutioner, with a sense of humor do, before injecting lethal injection? \- Disinfect the arm, to prevent infection.
  4. A water inspector got a lethal lead poisoning... Before dying he said: "It tastes... Irony"
  5. There is a type of capital punishment where the executioner yells mispronounced words at the inmates until they die. It's called lethal inflection.
  6. First joke I ever heard "You know what is dangerous, lives in trees, can fly and is very lethal?
    I have no idea
    "A pigeon with an ak-47"
  7. Stormzy, Dizzee Rascal, and Lethal Bizzle walked into a courtroom. They were charged with grimes against humanity.
  8. Have you heard of the Chinese Military's new strategy? They're sending kids into battle and winning! Who knew that youth in Asia could be so lethal!
  9. Medical scientists find lethal m**... In the form of 200,000lbs and being dropped on subjects.

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Lethal One Liners

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  1. Did you hear about the man with a lethal stutter? He died of natural pauses
  2. Can a ninja throw any pointy object with lethal accuracy ? Shuriken
  3. What starts with su , ends with ide , and can be lethal? Sulphur trioxide
  4. Lethal tasers can be a real buzzkill.
  5. What does Tupak Shakur have in common with Lethal Weapon 4? Both were shot in Vegas
  6. What do you call the number two when it goes on a killing spree? A lethal dos.
  7. Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection?
  8. Chuck Norris can tell you what a lethal injection feels like
  9. Chuck Norris uses the lethal injection to have a 5min nap.
  10. What do you call a lethal type of hereditary baldness? A receding heir-line.
  11. Why did h**... take s**...? Because of the lethal gas bill.

Lethal joke, Why did h**... take s**...?

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Two doctors, Jenkins and Smith, are treating a man with lung disease.

They're explaining how him smoking w**... led to his condition worsening.
But it's just herbal! the patient protested. How can it be bad?
Dr Jenkins sighed. Apricot stones contain lethal amounts of cyanide. There is a certain plant in my back garden - if you sit under it for just ten minutes, you will die. Just because it's natural doesn't mean it's safe for you!
The man seemed to accept that, and after he and the doctors parted ways, Dr Smith asked, What is that plant that kills you if you sit under it?
A water lily.

Lethal joke, What does Tupak Shakur have in common with Lethal Weapon 4?