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Fancy Dress Party tonight. Going as a masturbating guy with Leprosy

Hope I can pull it off.

Guy gets a call from his doctor.

"Your blood test results are in... I'm sorry to tell you that you have contracted leprosy," says the doctor.

"What? How?" Guy exclaims.

"Can't be sure, but we need to discuss treatment options. There is a cure, but it is extremely expensive."

"What choice do I have, doc?" Guy laments. "How much will it cost?"

"An arm and a leg."

If you read the bible backwards its about a man sent to earth on a cross who is helped down by some Romans and told to go on his way. He then travels the world making people blind and giving them leprosy. He even ruins a meal for a huge crowd by turning all their food into 2 fish and 5 loaves.

He gets fewer followers as time goes by and in the end he's lying in a stable and 3 old men steal all his presents.

Leprosy joke, If you read the bible backwards its about a man sent to earth on a cross who is helped down by some

When the doctors diagnosed me with leprosy...

...I laughed my head off.

What did the man with leprosy say to the prostitute?

*Keep the tip.*

Did you hear the news? Kevin Bacon has leprosy.

It's true. Doctors say he's got a foot loose.

Did you hear about the hockey game where all the players had leprosy?

There was a face off in the corner.

Leprosy joke, Did you hear about the hockey game where all the players had leprosy?

What do you call a midget with leprosy?

A leperchaun!

What do you call an Irish conman with leprosy?

A Leper Con!

How do you know a girl with leprosy likes you?

She gives you the eye.

I want to create a convention for Irish folks who suffer with leprosy.

I'll call it Leper-Con.

Half price admission for the wee folk.

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I have a joke about leprosy...

But it would probably fall apart at the end.

Early morning. I already got one foot out of the bed.

Leprosy sucks.

Why are leprosy jokes hard to tell?

Because the delivery tends to fall apart.

What do you call an Irish scammer that has leprosy?

A Leper Con

Did you hear about the man who faked leprosy to get charity handouts?

It was a leper con.

Leprosy joke, Did you hear about the man who faked leprosy to get charity handouts?

Whats engraved on the gravestone of a person who died of leprosy?

Rest in pieces

God, I saw a man with leprosy today

It made my skin crawl

They had to stop the leprosy hockey game

Due to a face-off in the corner.

Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your waitress

What do you call a liar with leprosy?

A Leper-con

it was during my naval career, I walked into another seedy bar

In another seedy port. I ordered a drink. A prostitute sidles up to me and says " Hey sailor, do you want to try something new". I replied, "how, do you have leprosy?"

A doctor made a cure for leprosy...

It costs an arm and a leg.

I thought leprosy was a bad idea.

But now, it's growing on me.

If a person with leprosy goes to prison...

Does that make him a leprechaun?

What do you do when a man with Leprosy offers his hand for help?

You give it back.

Where does a leprosy patient buy his goods?

In a second hand shop!

What do you call a prisoner with leprosy?

A leprechaun

How do you ask someone with leprosy for help?

Can you give me a hand

I don't know how to feel about my leper friend...

On one hand, he gave me leprosy, on the other... oh wait.

My doctor told me he had some jaw-dropping news for me and I rushed excitedly to his office.

Apparently I have leprosy.

Why was the man with Leprosy late for his date?

He couldn't get himself put together in time.

What do you call an Irishman with Leprosy?

A Leper-Chaun

Did you hear? Johnny from down the street got leprosy!

Poor guy doesn't have a leg to stand on...

(credit to my friend Albert)

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