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  1. Did you hear about the luxury resort l**... colony? Apparently it costs an arm and a leg to go there.
  2. While performing I asked the crowd to give me a hand. When I was given a hand, I realised I should have thought twice about performing at the l**... Colony.
  3. Why did the p**... leave the l**... colony? Because her business was falling off.
    What did the lepers say to the p**...?
    You can keep the tip.
  4. What's the worst part about a blizzard in a l**... colony? Stepping outside in the morning to find a foot on the roof of your car
  5. Welcome to the 23rd annual l**... Colony marathon! We now go down to our racers at the start of the first leg. Aaaaaand they're off!
  6. Why is it a bad idea to date a girl from the l**... colony ? Whenever they get upset, they cry their eyes out.

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Leper Colony One Liners

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  1. Did you hear about the hockey game in the l**... colony? There was a face-off on the ice.
  2. I sometimes do stand-up comedy for a l**... colony. My jokes have them all cracking up.
  3. First hockey game at the l**... colony There was a face off and a hand-pass
  4. I went to an ice hockey game at the local l**... colony There was a face off in the corner
  5. Why did the p**... leave the l**... colony? Business was dropping off!

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