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What do you call a crab that like to paint?

Leonardo Da Pinci

A joke from work

Four famous actors get together and decide to dress up as famous artists for Halloween.
Leonardo DiCaprio says he'll go as Da Vinci since they have the same first name.
Tom Cruise says he'll go as Van Gogh so they have two painters.
Bill Murray says he'll go as Beethoven since he likes his music.
Arnold Schwarzenegger just looks at them and says "I'll be Bach."

What do you call a 15th century Renaissance painter who is also a crab?

Leonardo da Pinci

Hollywood Halloween

Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone were discussing their next Halloween costumes. They wanted to get away from the typical scary characters and do something different.
Bruce: 'how about historical figures? I'll go as Freud.'
Sly: 'ok, sounds good. I'll go as Leonardo Da Vinci.'
Arnold Schwarzenegger overhears their discussion, walks over and replies 'I'll be Bach.'

What was the name of the painter crab?

Leonardo Da Pinchy

Leonardo da Vinci's painting The Last Supper depicts all apostles and Jesus sitting on one side of the table.

There must have been a show and karaoke.

What do you call a artist with a rash?

Leonardo Da Itchy

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