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Funny Lent Jokes and Puns

I lent my umbrella to a hot girl yesterday.

That takes the number of girls i've made wet this year to -1

In honor of Lent . . .

It was a young couple's wedding night and as the night wore on the bride grew more and more anxious to consumate their marriage. Finally she said, "Um, honey? It's getting late and aren't we going to - well - do it?" "I can't," said her husband, "it's Lent." "It's lent?!" she exclaimed. "That's ridiculous! To who and for how long?"

You know who's not giving anything up for lent?

Rick Astley.

Lent joke, You know who's not giving anything up for lent?

I've given up sexual innuendo for Lent...

so far it's been pretty hard.

My mate lent me $5,000 to produce my idea of a fruit-based torch, then took all credit.

He stole my limelight.

My neighbor lent me some spices and I accidentally sat on them.

At this point I'm on borrowed thyme.

I lent Holden Caulfield $20 and he still hasn't paid me back.

That's what I get for trusting an unreliable narrator.

Lent joke, I lent Holden Caulfield $20 and he still hasn't paid me back.

A penitent man decided to give up sex for Lent...

A penitent man decided to give up sex for the Lenten season. His wife was not informed of this situation, however. One the second night after Ash Wednesday, she showed some interest in relations. Rebuffing her advances he said, "I'm sorry, honey--I can't. It's Lent."

Angrily, she replied, "To whom and how long?"

Thank God lent is over....

not using condoms was definitely getting nerve-wracking.

Why doesn't Sonic eat with his friends during lent...

Because hes gotta go fast.

I went to Pappas Steakhouse during Lent

Just for the halibut.

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I asked my friend what he gave up for lent...

He said Christianity.

I lent a friend of mine $10,000 for plastic surgery

Now I don't know what he looks like.

Next year I'll give up spreadsheets for 40 days and 40 nights...

It's going to be Excel Lent

I lent a hot girl my umbrella while it was raining

That takes the amount of girls I've made wet to -1

My asian friend lent me a cow with hair that changes color

It's currently on roan

Lent joke, My asian friend lent me a cow with hair that changes color

I think my wife is overdoing her lent observance.

She won't even toss my salad.

What is Sonic the Hedgehog's favorite time of the year?


Because he has more opportunities to go fast.

A guy asks his wife for sex, and she replies, "I can't, it's Lent."

Furious, he yells, "to whom and for how long?!"

Give up for Lent.

My wife told me I had to give up something for the 40 days of Lent, so I quit listening to her.

Mike Tyson had something to tell me...

So I lent him an ear.


My wife gave up intercourse for lent. I wish she would have told me. I might have joined her.

I don't know if you know this, but I was raised catholic...

I just gave it up for lent.

When my granddad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I can still remember the very first thing I said to him.

Have you got that five grand I lent you?

Carl drives a stick

**Andy:** Carl, why was the clutch in my car broken after i lent it to you?

**Carl:** Well don't you look at me, i didn't even touch the thing!

Why is the lentil perverted?

It was watching the chickpea.

On Ash Wednesday I will be giving up spreadsheets for 40 days and 40 nights.

It's going to be completely Excel Lent.

There's a joke in there somewhere about keeping the Lent in VaLENTine's...

...but I gave up trying to find it.

It's almost Lent again

The time when 9 out of 10 Catholics go Ok, it's time to pretend I'm fully committed to this whole 'being Catholic' thing.

A man with no arms stabs a tourist in Miami Beach

I heard someone lent him a hand

Did you hear the Quadruple amputee's joke?

Since no one lent him a hand in making it, it didn't have a leg to stand on

I recommend giving up spreadsheets for 40 days and 40 nights...

It's Excel lent.

A huge thank you to my neighbour, who lent me her large sheet of plastic covering.

Ta Pauline!

I gave my friend some cash yesterday, he says he'll return it at Easter...

I'm a bit out of pocket, but I'm glad I Lent him the money.

When is the best time to run a marathon?

During Lent. That's when you fast.

I lent a girl an umbrella

that makes the people I've made wet this year -1

I just want to thank the guy who lent me his dictionary to look for the meaning of the word plethora...

It means a lot

Mississippi lent missouri her new jersey so what did delaware?

idaho but alaska

Return on investment

An investment banker decides she needs in-house counsel, so she interviews a young lawyer. Mr. Peterson, she begins, would you say you're honest?
Honest? replies the lawyer. Let me tell you something about honesty: My father lent me $85,000 for my education, and I paid back every penny the minute I tried my first case.
Impressive, says the banker. And what sort of case was that?
My father sued me for the money.  

I lent a girl an unbrella today

Which takes the total number of girls I've made wet this year to -1.

A wet joke

So I actually lent a girl an umbrella yesterday which takes the total number of girls I've made wet this year to -1.

I lent an umbrella to a girl yesterday.

Now I have made a total of -1 girls wet.

Did you know Sean Connery used to save the egg shells from pancake day and paint them to use for egg hunts at Easter?

It was an egg shell lent idea

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