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  1. Got trapped in a bidding war for a house with a lengthy corridor I'm in it for the long hall
  2. What do you call it when a group of people in a single vehicle travel through a lengthy underpass? Carpool tunnel!
  3. A coach full of musicians has broken down on the motorway Police have said to expect some lengthy jams
  4. What do you call it when you have a lengthy conversation with a cross dresser? Chewing the trans fat.
  5. I'm stuck at an auction, bidding for a house with a lengthy corridor. I'm in it for the long hall.
  6. Imagine if Americans switched from feet to meters overnight... That would be a lengthy conversion
  7. A lawyer was well into a lengthy cross-examination of a witness, stopped and said: "I object, Your Honor! One of the jurors is asleep."
    The Judge ruled: "You put him to sleep… You wake him up."
  8. Did you know using too many commas is now i**....... You can end up with a very lengthy sentence.

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  1. If the US would switch from inches to meters We'd have a lengthy discussion
  2. You simply cannot make a dark, lengthy, joke about lightning. It'll be over in a flash.

Lengthy joke, You simply cannot make a dark, lengthy, joke about lightning.

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After attempting to climb Everest and failing, John has severe frostbite, hypothermia and goes into a coma.

After a lengthy and dangerous mountaintop rescue he's rushed to the nearest hospital, where after several days he finally wakes and is greeted by the Nepalese doctor.
Sir, I have bad news and good news. John, ever the optimist asks for the good news first.
Okay, the good news is the patient in the next bed has offered you a very generous amount for your slippers...

After some pressure from his family a man who is hard of hearing visits his doctor.

After a lengthy examination, the doctor identifies the problem and prescribes the solution. He takes it and the doctor tells him to come back in a week to check that everything is A-OK.
A week later he revisits. The doc announces, "You're hearing is perfect. Your family must be delighted."
He replies. "Oh, I haven't told them yet, I just sit around the house listening to them. So far I've changed my will three times."

A drunk staggers out of a bar and into a nearby cathedral.

He eventually stumbles his way down the aisle and into a confessional. After a lengthy silence, the priest asks, "May I help you, my son?"
"I dunno" comes the drunk's voice from behind the partition. "You got any toilet paper on your side?"

A man goes to the doctor...

A man goes to the doctor, feeling a bit under the weather. After running several lengthy tests, the doctor sits the man down.
Unfortunately, there are two diagnoses I have to give you. You have cancer, and are unlikely to live more than a year
That's unfortunate, replies the man.
As for the second diagnosis, you have Alzheimer's.
Well, replies the man, at least I don't have cancer.

Bilbo Baggins turns on the radio.

After a lengthy commercial break, the DJ suddenly jumps right into a new song.
"Just a small town girl..."
Bilbo was surprised, and delighted: this was unexpected Journey.

Rich Twocock went to the court to change his name.

He filled up all necessary forms and gave a lengthy explanation about how everybody tell jokes about his name, including his family members and friends. The judge finally accepted his request and at the end of the interview session asked him: what other name do you want to have ?
He answered: I want to become Eric Twocock.

There was a boy born without any eyelids

And it caused him terrible discomfort and to make matters worse, the doctors feared he would inevitably go blind one day.
Then one doctor came up with an ingenious solution. He planned to circumcise the boy and use his f**... to make new eyelids for him.
After a lengthy procedure, the surgery was a success and now the boy has two fully functioning eyelids.
The doctor says the boy is doing fine, he's just a little c**...-eyed

Lengthy joke, There was a boy born without any eyelids