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  1. "Doctor, Doctor I think I have a disease" said the Lemon "I'm so sorry to tell you this", replies the doctor, "You've got Lemonaids."
  2. Why should a lonesome man never have the s**... with a lemon? ... because of lemonaides!
  3. Why should you always use a c**... when having s**... with fruit? Lemonaids
  4. TIFU by getting k**... with a variety of citrus fruits... Ive just tested positive for lemonaids.
  5. Why you shouldn't have s**... i**... with a citrus fruit.... You may contract lemonaids.
  6. Two promiscuous citrus fruits have unprotected s**... They get lemon-aids
  7. What type of beverage is s**... transmitted? Lemon-AIDS
  8. What is a h**... junkies favorite beverage? LemonAIDS

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Lemonaids One Liners

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  1. What happened when the orange slept with the dirty lemon? He got lemonaids.
  2. What's a lemons worst nightmare? Lemonaids
  3. What do you give a sick lemon? Lemon-Aid
  4. What do you give to an injured lemon? Lemon-aid.
    Courtesy of my daughter.
  5. How do you help a lemon? Lemon-aid.
  6. What does a Lemon do after getting a knife cut? Lemon-aid
  7. what do you give a lemon that needs medical attention? Lemon-aid.
  8. When life gives you AIDS Make them into lemonAIDS
  9. What is the most helpful beverage? lemon-aid
  10. If lemons could get STDs, what would they get? Lemon-AIDS.
  11. Lemonaid What kind of juice do you get from sick lemons?
  12. What does a gay lemon have? LemonAIDS
  13. What juice can you always rely on for support? Lemon-aid!
  14. Why did the lemon go sour? Because it had Lemon-Aids
  15. Life gave me lemons So I f**... em and gave em lemon-aids

Lemonaids joke, Life gave me lemons

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So there's this lemon...

And he's running down the street.
He trips and falls on the sidewalk, leaving him with a n**... gash on his arm.
Luckily, another lemon walks by and patches him up with a Lemonaid kit.
(It's really bad, but the joke inspired my username. Just had to share.)

Lemonaids joke, Why should a lonesome man never have the s**... with a lemon?