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Leisure suits and jokes may seem like harmless entertainment, but they can actually be quite harmful. Read this article to learn why leisure activities like joking around are not suitable hobbies and how you can find better ways to have fun.

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I before E, except after C.

We ***feign agreeing***, but this ***foreign poltergeist*** of a rule is ***neither efficient*** nor smart- and ***therein*** lies the ***height*** of the issue. It's as if an ***ancient deity*** has influenced the ***zeitgeist*** of the people. We must remove the ***weight*** of this ***veil*** from ***their*** eyes, and ***forfeit*** the ***leisure*** of this ***weird*** and ***heinous*** rule from our ***science*** and ***leisure*** alike.

What do you call a sheep tied to lamppost in Wales?

A leisure centre.

There once was a mouse called Keith

Who did circumcisions for free with his teeth;
He didn't do it for pleasure,
Excitement or leisure...
He did it for the cheese underneath.

Police baffed by grave robber

Local police were having a hard time catching a grave robber. He figured he would minimize his time in the graveyard by taking the whole corpse so he could take fillings out at his leisure. To hide the evidence he was adopting out the skeletons to worthy goths on Craig's List.
Turns out that was a dead give away.

I was thinking of doing yoga

So I rang the local leisure centre and they asked me "are you flexible?"
I said "yes I can do anytime except for Tuesday's"

There was an old man from O'keefe

Who could pull back his f**... with his teeth.
It wasn't for pleasure,
He spent thus his leisure,
But to get at the cheese underneath.

Where do dinosaurs go for leisure while at a hotel?

The Rex room

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