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A legume broke out of prison today

Police are looking for the escapea.


What is a poet's favorite legume?



Why did the bean sell his car?

The back seat didn't have enough legume.


Why did the legumes start a moving company?

Because they were packing peanuts!..Fuck you guys, I'm drunk


What do you call a monster who lives in a dark colored peanut?

The creature from the black legume


People should be more afraid of black beans.

Haven't you ever heard of the creature from the black legume?


I've been eating a lot, I mean a LOT, of black lentils and black beans lately....

I've become a creature of the black legume


When I first heard about peanuts not being nuts

I thought they were pulling my legume


What's a horror nuts favorite movie?

"The Creature from the Black Legume"


I visited a legume museum with a real life peanut gallery

Apparently they're still annoyed with Gregor Mendel not tucking in his shirts.


What do you get when you cross bean sprouts, peanut sauce and a Disney water park?

Thai-food legume


We can thank the Japanese for the abundance of peanut snacks on airplanes..

Their most common response to post-flight, phone-based, satisfaction surveys was: "Not enough legume."


Which legume is the most stable?

Peanuts, they're definitely not nuts.


What did the pulse say to the legume as he left?

Lentil next time.


Mr. Peanut can't be a health nut...

because he is a legume.


What do you call a deceptive legume?

A Lima bean


What was the name of Dee's legume snack company?

Dee'z Nutz


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