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Funny Lego Jokes and Puns

Did you hear about the LEGO truck that crashed on the highway?

Authorities are still trying to piece everything together...

Why do LEGO men hate going to hospital...?

Because plastic surgery costs a fortune!

I downloaded a Lego app today.

It bricked my phone.

Lego joke, I downloaded a Lego app today.

So I was at Legoland the other day and I saw a couple making out

I thought it was inappropiate so walked up to them and said "Come on guys, this is Legoland. Build a room."

Just saw the Lego Movie... was very well *pieced* together!

(Got this off Doug Benson's 'Doug Loves Movies' podcast)

This morning some bloke drove up to my house in a huge lorry and dumped off a massive pile of lego blocks.

I'm so furious I don't know what to make of it.

I stepped on a rusty Lego the other day...

I'm worried I might have contracted Tetris.

Lego joke, I stepped on a rusty Lego the other day...

How do you measure a Lego figure's shoe size?

In square feet.

So I was at LEGOLAND the other day, and this couple were making out in line.......

it was so gross, I told them "Hey guys, build a room"

I'm writing some BSDM-themed LEGO fan-fiction.

I hope to release it later as "50 blocks of pain"

Why do adults like Legos so much, when they grow old?

They can't lego of their childhood.

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What does the Lego man do for fun?

He throws a block party.

What do you call a disabled Lego?

An O.

Have you heard of the new Lego Presidential Building Set?

It's called My First Wall . It comes with a few pesos as a refund.

My mom told me to get rid of my brick toys

But I just can't lego

Why is Legolas so fit?

He always eats elfy snacks.

Lego joke, Why is Legolas so fit?

Going To The Movies

I told my wife I wanted to watch a movie about a billionaire playboy with a penchant for darkness, inflicting violence and dressing up in masks.

She got excited and asked, "Are we really go to see *50 Shades*?"

I laughed and told her I was talking about *The Lego Batman Movie*.

This week Lego Batman sold more tickets than the sequel to 50 Shades of Grey...

When asked to comment about this 50 Shades stated "It's okay, I like to be dominated."

Hey, are you the top of a Lego brick?

Because you're a stud.

When I told my ex girlfriend that I wanted to break up, she tried gifting me a mini plastic figurine of myself in an attempt to salvage our relationship.

I screamed, "Lego of me!"

Hear the one about the lego that was biding its time? Its a thinker.

Wait. Mental block.

What's the most common operation in a LEGO hospital?

Plastic surgery.

[Credits: My 11yo son invented this joke]

What's the most common operation in a LEGO hospital?

Plastic surgery.

How do you drop a small plastic building block?


Did you hear about the Lego alien pornstar?

He came in pieces.

Man, some toys are so clingy

They never seem to Lego

My mountain climbing partner's last words were wasted on giving me advice about toys I don't even have.



Why was the Lego man sick?


Did you hear about the LEGO girl's bad breakup?

She was falling to pieces.

What was Legolas when his father took away his Legos?

I'll see myself out...

What's the difference between sex and lego?

You don't know? Then you should probably stick to lego's

The Jackson estate recently made an announcement...

That upon his death, they'd had Michael's body melted down and cast into pieces of LEGO.

So now it's finally safe for the kids to play with Michael.

"What did the Lego alien say?"

"I come in pieces."

*An original joke by my 8 year old daughter.*

What's the difference between IKEA and LEGO?

Time it takes to build.

I woke up this morning and was surprised to find a huge box of LEGO blocks sitting on my front porch.

I have no idea what to make of it.

I'm having trouble with my Bonnie Tyler LEGO sculpture

Every now and then it falls apart.

What did the little battery yell when it stepped on a lego?


Lego bricks are being used to help people with dementia and alzheimers...

They are being put at the side of their beds to remind the old folks to put their shoes on when they get up...

Why did the second-rate toy plastic brick maker become obsessed?

Because he just couldn't Lego.

The Lego stores are reopening soon.

People will be lined up for blocks.

The Legos stores have finally reopened in Europe after Corona virus,

People have literally been lining up for blocks!!

Businesses are starting to open up. In fact, the LEGO store is open now, but I recommend staying away for a while.

People will be lined up for blocks.

Did you hear about the new LEGO store in the neighbourhood?

Folks are lining up for blocks!

My wife bought me a Lego car set to build and it said +3 years in the box.

I got the last laugh, I finished it in 2.

A new Lego store opened up in my town...

People were lined up for blocks.

What happens when you scare a lego man?

They shit a brick.

Tits and LEGO Sets have a thing in common

It's meant for the kid but the dad ends up having the most fun with it.

The Lego store near my house just reopened after lockdown...

People were lining up for blocks.

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