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lego bricks are like b**......

...They're designed for kids, but it's the grown-ups who have more fun with them. Oh, and it hurts when someone steps on them.

I downloaded a Lego app today.

It bricked my phone.

The LEGO Museum was hit by an earthquake.

Many were devastated that nearly all of the brick sculptures were destroyed,
but the staff were able to pick up the pieces and move on.

Hey, are you the top of a Lego brick?

Because you're a stud.

What happens when you scare a lego man?

They s**... a brick.

My mom told me to get rid of my brick toys

But I just can't lego

Lego bricks are being used to help people with dementia and alzheimers...

They are being put at the side of their beds to remind the old folks to put their shoes on when they get up...

What do you call a PC made of legos?


Why did the second-rate toy plastic brick maker become obsessed?

Because he just couldn't Lego.

Did you hear about the Lego store Manager who was told his store would have to move?

he started shifting bricks

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