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  1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was originally intended to be for Wii U But mid-way through development they made the switch.
  2. Playing Legend of Zelda has really improved my work ethic My boss says that I'm "Hylian Efficient."
  3. The Legend of Zelda Joke Do you know why Ganon can't use the internet?
    There's too many Links.
  4. You know what happens when you post a Legend of Zelda song on YouTube... A copyright strike is imminintendo.
  5. I heard a rumor that the next Legend of Zelda game is to be set in a Hyrule version of Spain. No one believes me They don't expect a Spanish Link decision
  6. I wish there was a "Where's Waldo" for "The Legend of Zelda" It should be titled "The Missing Link"
  7. Did you hear about the Legend of Zelda gardening sim? You play as Link, the hero of Thyme.

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  1. Why is Legend of Zelda better than Star Wars? It has triple the force.
  2. How does Link from Legend of Zelda always die? Heart complications.
  3. I was trying to think of a Legend of Zelda pun... But I don't want to tri and force it
  4. What do you call a legend of Zelda fan theory? Head Ganon
  5. [OC] What is the Barden Bellas favorite Legend of Zelda game? A ca-rina of time
  6. If you die in Legend of Zelda, it's not canon It's Ganon
  7. Why was Link lost without his fairy? (legend of zelda) Because she was his "Navi-gator"

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My wife was leaving me because I made too many Legend of Zelda references

My wife was leaving me because I made too many Legend of Zelda references. She packed up her suitcase, and she walked out. As soon as she walked out of the door, I noticed that she had left her suitcase here. We live in a bad neighborhood, so she packed some pepper spray in it just in case. I quickly picked it up, ran out the door, and saw her. I handed it to her and said:
It's dangerous to go alone. Here, take this.