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A teacher asked in class: How is your dad?

A kid sits up and tries to answer: My dad is a legend for me!
- Why, Billy? asked the teacher.
- Because he doesn't exist!

My friends kept saying they saw Muhammad walking around town. They never found him.

I guess he was just a turban legend.

The Legend of Zelda Joke

Do you know why Ganon can't use the internet?

There's too many Links.

Legend joke, The Legend of Zelda Joke

George Washington and the Silver Dollar

According to legend, George Washington once threw a silver dollar across the Patomac River. You can't do this today because a dollar doesn't go as far as it used to.

What do you call a small hairy man of folk legend who's selfish during an orgy?

A knob-hoggin' hobgoblin!

People always asked me why I made puns.

I told them that we live in a world where a comedian either climbs to be a legend or lives long enough to start using puns... and I chose the ladder.

I see that software legend Photoshop is turning 25 this week.

Actually, it's turning 38. It just looks 25.

Legend joke, I see that software legend Photoshop is turning 25 this week.

I was trying to think of a Legend of Zelda pun...

But I don't want to tri and force it

My girlfriend is so busted

she claims to be an atheist but yesterday I got home from work early and she was screaming "OH GOD! YES! YOU'RE SO GOOD!". So I sat smugly on the couch until she came out with my friend Steve. Then I was like "busted! you're not an atheist at all. I don't know what you did Steve but you are a legend"

What do you call a legend of Zelda fan theory?

Head Ganon

What do you get when you cryogenically freeze a genetic copy of basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar?

An ice Kareem clone

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What did they call the man who knew how to read maps?

A legend

What is the legendary chemical?

HO-OH (Hydrogen Peroxide)

Legend say, Chuck Norris counted to infinity twice...

Donald Trump tried to count to 10 and got stuck in a paper bag.

Wife told me she wants to have sex in the back of the car...

She asked me if I could drive :-(


My new optician is a legend. This new set of glasses he gave me allows me to see a few years into the future.

Finally, I have 2020 vision.

Legend joke, Eyesight

How does Link from Legend of Zelda always die?

Heart complications.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was originally intended to be for Wii U

But mid-way through development they made the switch.

Legendary Skins in a Nutshell

Blizzard: Wanna hear a joke?

Me: Sure.

Blizzard: Legendary Skins.

Me: I don't get it.

Blizzard: Exactly

I have this friend, he's a real legend.

he's always telling me what the different symbols mean on maps.

I'm like a legend:

Nobody believes in me.

I wish there was a "Where's Waldo" for "The Legend of Zelda"

It should be titled "The Missing Link"

Why is a foot so awesome?

Because it's a legend

An honest politician, a hard-working civil servant and Santa Claus find a 100 dollar bill.

Who gets to keep it?Β 

Santa does, the other two are creatures of myth and legend.

Why is Legend of Zelda better than Star Wars?

It has triple the force.

I hate how if a guy sleeps with a ton of girls hes a legend

But when a girl does it, its my wife.

Mattel made Unoβ„’ a "sequel" called Dosβ„’

Legend says they started on the next one, but they disappeared without a Tresβ„’...

My granddad was something of a legend: he actually went down in history

and on one occasion, fingered a girl in geography.

[ True Story / Legend ] A group of guys walk by Arnold working out on Venice beach..

One of the guys says "Look at this guy, I would never want to be that big".

To which Arnold replys, "Goode because you neva vill", as he finishes a pump.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus Christ saw every sin imaginable...

Meaning he saw some dude blasting rope to Waluigi hentai and still decided to save humanity. What a absolute legend.

You're about to deliver a great punchline to a blues-rock legend, but you pause for comedic timing.

Tom Waits.

The Inca people were one of the few who ever mastered hunting with owls, much like traditional falconry.

Legend says they learned calls to communicate with the intelligent birds, even to the point of planning attack strategies ahead of time.

And that's where we get the term Inca-hoots.

Legendary comedian Steven Wright really became famous when he helped a woman give birth in a portable toilet.

He was known for his Bedpan delivery.

What do you call the work of a famous cow?

Legend Dairy

What do you do when you want to find a mythical location on a map?

Well legend has it...

My wife was leaving me because I made too many Legend of Zelda references

My wife was leaving me because I made too many Legend of Zelda references. She packed up her suitcase, and she walked out. As soon as she walked out of the door, I noticed that she had left her suitcase here. We live in a bad neighborhood, so she packed some pepper spray in it just in case. I quickly picked it up, ran out the door, and saw her. I handed it to her and said:

It's dangerous to go alone. Here, take this.

I heard a rumor that the next Legend of Zelda game is to be set in a Hyrule version of Spain. No one believes me

They don't expect a Spanish Link decision

How do you consider your dad? asked a teacher

My dad is a legend for me! says a kid.
Why, Billy? asked the teacher.
Because I've never met him

Legend tells of an incredible hero...

Legend tells of an incredible hero: Carto-Man. Half of his body is a regular human, but the other half is made up of a key from a map.

The man, the myth, the legend

Did you hear the story about the old milk?

It was legend dairy

Who called it Foot and not...

A Legend.

A Legend is afoot

Sorry, let me say that again: A Leg-end is a foot

What do you call an Epic Cow?

Legend Dairy

You know what happens when you post a Legend of Zelda song on YouTube...

A copyright strike is imminintendo.

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