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All my life, I tried to look on bright side of everything...

Now with my cornea damaged, I'm legally blind.

Never argue with somebody legally blind about spear fighting...

they can hardly see your point.

A man forgot his glasses before executing a robbery.

Because he couldn't see, he was easily captured and arrested. A month later, his trial began and he pleaded guilty.

Later, his friend walked up to him whom he hadn't seen since before the robbery. His friend said, Why did you do this? The robber replied, I didn't know it was against the law, i'm legally blind!

I need a lawyer!

I'm legally blind.

We need to keep bump stocks legal...

How else are the blind going to shoot?

My dad said cant you see your meme and vine references are ruining this family!

So I said I can't see I'm legally blind.

My grandma's lost almost all her eyesight but she hasn't been diagnosed as legally blind by a doctor yet.

So right now she's still illegally blind.

Why was my blind friend arrested?

Because he wasn't legally blind.

What did Daley Blind say at the optometrist?

I'm legally Blind.

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