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  1. Did you know that chicken strips are a new form of currency in some areas? They're considered legal tender
  2. I once tried to pay for something with an 18-year-old piece of chicken. When the cashier said, "sir, we can't accept this",
    I said, "why? It's legal tender."
  3. What does the yen and a thirteen year old have in common? In Japan, they're both legal tender.
  4. Nintendo recently acquired a printing press Word is, they're using it to create legal Nin-tender
  5. I needed a place to put my FDA inspected chicken s**.... I bought a wallet to put it in.
    Now my legal tender is safe.

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  1. What do you call a gentle loving lawyer? Legal Tender
  2. What is chicken used as currency called? Legal tender
  3. Paying for things with hugs Because it's legal tender.
  4. How did the steak chef at the courthouse like his paycheck? In legal tender
  5. I put my USDA inspected chicken s**... in my wallet. Now my legal tender is safe.
  6. Why is it i**... to burn money to a crisp? Cuz then it wouldn't be legal...*tender*

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