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  1. Why do people say "break a leg" before an audition? It's so that they'll end up in a cast.
  2. A former doctor broke his leg while auditioning for a play. Fortunately, he could still make the cast.
  3. It's a bit unsympathetic to tell actors to "break a leg"? I mean... they're already in a cast.
  4. Does anybody know the name of that Godzilla Movie? It's the one where another monster actually breaks one of Godzilla's legs.
    I can't remember the name of the movie, but it has a huge cast.
  5. What do auditioning for an acting role and playing sports have in common? If you break a leg, you get cast
  6. A TV weatherman broke both his legs and arms in an accident... ...he had to call in from the hospital to explain his four casts.
  7. What should my major be in college, if I want to someday make casts for ladies with broken legs? Broadcasting?
  8. What did the guy who broke his leg say after he got the cast taken off? I stand corrected.

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  1. Why do actors tell each other to "break a leg"? Because every play needs a cast.
  2. Why do we tell all actors to 'break a leg'? Because every play has a cast.
  3. A doctor broke his leg while auditioning for a play. He made the cast.
  4. A fellow actor told me to break a leg… I told him to call my casting agent
  5. Why do people tell actors to break a leg? Because every play needs a cast.
  6. Why do people say break a leg when you go on stage? Because every play has a cast.
  7. Why do we tell actors to break a leg Because every play has a cast
  8. Why do arm fractures look down on leg fractures? Because they're a lower caste
  9. Why did the Indian girl suffer so much when she broke her leg? She was in the wrong cast.
  10. Why are actors told to 'break a leg'? Every play has a cast.
  11. What did the weather man get get he broke all his arms and legs? Four casts
  12. I expected a medal for my bravery when I had a full-leg cast on. Instead, I got atrophy.
  13. Breaking a leg during an audition ensures that you end up in the cast.
  14. Why do you say break a leg to an actor? Because every show has a cast

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