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Funny Leek Jokes and Puns

My kid and I wrote this together: Why did the vegetable thief wet his pants?

Because he took a leek!

(Please don't kick us out, just lettuce leave)

Why was the vegetable store robber embarrassed?

He got caught taking a leek

What vegetable shouldn't go on a boat?

A Leek!!

Leek joke, What vegetable shouldn't go on a boat?

What did the farmer say when he saw his onions losing water?

Oh no, must be a leek!

A group of vegetables went on a boating trip

but it didn't last very long since there was a leek in the boat

What's the worst vegetable to have on a boat?

A leek.

Someone told me that the best pokemon was the bird that holds a leek stalk

I said 'That's a little farfetch'd'

Leek joke, Someone told me that the best pokemon was the bird that holds a leek stalk

Did you hear about the bird that carried a leek?

Never mind, its too Farfetch'd.

Why was the man arrested at the farmers' market?

He was caught taking a leek.

Local vegetable factory has been shut down.

There was a leek in the roof.

I got kicked out of a grocery store...

for taking a leek in the vegetable aisle.

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What is a plumber's favorite vegetable?

A leek

*my little brother gave me this

What did the constipated kleptomaniac say at the farmer's market?

I've never wanted to take a leek so badly in my life!

What's the most insecure soup for an online security professional?

Leak (leek) soup!

A shoplifter was caught in the toilets of a local greengrocers this morning.

He was trying to take a leek.

A gardener found unwanted scallions growing in with his crops

His garden sprung a leek.

Leek joke, A gardener found unwanted scallions growing in with his crops

What do Leeks taste like?

Like water, since the boat is sinking.

Did you hear about the vegetable their who stole from the orphanage?

He got arrested because some minors saw him take a leek.

What is Bear Grylls' favourite vegetable?


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