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A conspiracy theorist dies and goes to heaven

The first thing he does is ask God, "Who really killed JFK?"
To which God replies, "It was Lee Harvey Oswald. He acted alone."
The conspiracy theorists thinks to him self for a moment then says, "This cover up of the truth goes even further than I thought!"

Anyone hear about the conspiracy theorist who died and went to heaven?

When he arrived, God stated that He grants all His children one question. The man promptly asked, "Who killed Kennedy?" God replied, "It was Lee Harvey Oswald, on the 6th floor, with his own gun, and he acted alone." The man thought for a moment then disappointingly replied "This goes higher up then I imagined."

My work colleagues and I had a debate about who we thought America's most notorious assassin was.

Lee Harvey Oswald won by a long shot.

What do John wilkes booth, lee harvey oswald and kobe bryant have in common?

They never miss a shot

Every Half Dollar is Lee Harvey Oswald

Cus each one has a headshot of Kennedy

The most shocking info that we'll get from the classified Kennedy documents will be that Lee Harvey Oswald didn't shoot the president, he ate him.

Because John F. Kennedy was a berliner.

Lee Harvey Oswald walks into a bar...

and shoots some Jack

What did Marily Monroe and Lee Harvey Oswald have in common?

They both banged JFK

A conspiracy theorist dies and goes to heaven.

He proceeds through the Pearly Gates, and is confronted by God, in all his glory.
God - With my everlasting knowledge, you may ask me any question, and I shall fulfill you with the answer.
Conspiracy Theorist - God, I have to know, who really assassinated JFK?
God - well, that was Lee Harvey Oswald, he worked alone and assassinated JFK
The conspiracy theorist, with a look of shock on his face responds - Oh wow, this goes even higher up than I thought

Some Chuck Norris Jokes

- Chuck Norris doesn't pet any animals. Animals pet themselves when he approaches them.
- Chuck Norris threw a hand grenade and killed 50 people. Then the grenade exploded.
- When Chuck Norris enters the room, even the chairs are standing up.
- Chuck Norris doesn't need to flush the toilet. He simply goes "Boo!" and anything in the bowl promptly rushes away.
- Chuck Norris ordered a Big Mac at a Burger King. He got it without a single remark.
- Chuck Norris doesn't ever call the wrong number. You just answer the wrong phone.
- When Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy, Chuck Norris caught the bullets with his own bare hands. JFK's head exploded simply because he was so overawed.

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