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What did Hannibal Lector have for breakfast?

Kevin Bacon.
And Jon Hamm.
^^I'll ^^show ^^myself ^^out.

If Hannibal Lector is not a vegetarian, what is he?

A humanitarian.

What does Hannibal Lector use to blow his nose?

A tissue.

What's the difference between Spartacus and Hannibal Lector

One of them's a gladiator, and the other is glad he ate her!

Hannibal Lector crashed my dinner party and rudely demanded that I feed him!

I gave him a piece of my mind.

What do you call a serial killing cannibal who catches on fire easily?

Flammable Lector.

A joke told by my priest at church this morning

Three women were discussing their sons, each bragging about his accomplishments. They wanted to show that their son had the most respect from the most people. The first said "My son is a bishop. When people talk to him, they say 'Your Excellency.'" The second woman says "That's nothing. My son is a cardinal, when people talk to him, they say 'Your Eminence."'" The third woman, whose son volunteers as a lector to read during mass and is 5'5" while weighing 350 lbs, says "Well, when people see my son, they say 'My God!'"

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