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  1. I think I figured out the source of the beef between Kyle Rittenhouse and LeBron James. Kyle has LeBron sorely outclassed in both shooting and defense.
  2. What's the difference between lebron james and a dollar (USD)... A dollar gives you four quarters :-)
  3. Why should you never loan LeBron James a dollar? He will give you back 75 cents and say he wasn't sure about what happened to the fourth quarter.
  4. Bill Russell tried to sell a championship ring to LeBron James for $1...... ...... but LeBron only has 3 quarters.
    Read online on a comment. LOL
  5. Lebron James is going to be in Space Jam 2 It's going to be really weird when Lebron quits the Tune Squad and joins up with the Monstars midway through the movie
  6. Lebron James is like Justin Timberlake. No matter how good he his, he will never be Michael.
  7. What do SpongeBob and LeBron James have in common? They both hit the deck and flop like a fish.
  8. How is Lebron James like Justin Timberlake? No matter how good they are, they will never be Michael.
  9. Lebron's life is like one big compass... He went South, His hairline went North, his dad went East and his mom went Delonte West.
  10. Why might a French Archeologist be interested in how old an NBA star is? They might be studying LeBron's age (Le Bronze Age).

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  1. Why can't Lebron James stand on his tippy toes? He gets no support from his Cavs
  2. What does Lebron James do after winning the nba
    He turns off his Xbox.
  3. Why did LeBron James skip college? He didn't want to show up for finals.
  4. Why didn't LeBron James go to college? Because he struggles with finals
  5. Based on Lebron's acting skills, I suspect Space Jam 2... Will be a flop.
  6. Why does LeBron James wear high socks? His Cavs can't handle the Heat
  7. Why does Lebron James drive automatic? He has no clutch.
  8. Why can't Lebron James walk on his tippy-toes? Because his Cavs don't help him out much
  9. How many NBA finals does Lebron plan on losing? not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7
  10. NBA finals refs RIP Lebron
  11. What's LeBron James' wife called? LaBron James.
  12. What would Lebron be called if he was a sea animal? Leprawn James.
  13. Did you hear? LeBron James is starting an underwear line... They're called LeBron Johns.
  14. Steph Curry did what Lebron couldn't do Win a championship in Cleveland
  15. Only one person can stop LeBron! That's LeBrain...

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  • LeBron James laughs at all the countries banning people from entering Because he has traveling immunity.
  • Not to brag, but I'm staying in the same hotel room as the one Lebron James recently stayed in. The poor guy must have forgotten his Bible.
  • In my prime, I'll be better than Lebron James I'm never in my prime
  • LeBron James was stumping for Clinton today. LeBron James was stumping for Clinton, but he appeavered to have a Cavalier attitude.....
  • LeBron James should have a gaming channel It would be called "LeBron Games."
  • You know what would make Space Jam a good movie? Lebron James
  • Rumor has it LeBron James almost got traded to the 76ers today. But the deal flopped.
  • It isn't easy for LeBron James to carry the Cavaliers every game. Nonetheless, he'll power forward.
  • Where does LeBron James get his coffee? Dunking Donuts
  • What meal does Lebron James never eat? Curry.
Lebron joke, What meal does Lebron James never eat?

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What does lebron james and stormy Daniels have in common

They both get paid to play with orange b**...

The FBI just thwarted a July 4th t**... attack in Cleveland.

But they couldn't stop LeBron from dropping a bomb on the city last night.

People say I'm the Lebron James of Comedy...

Because I'm balding and Delonte West had s**... with my mother

Lebron joke, Did you hear? LeBron James is starting an underwear line...