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Funny Lebanese Jokes and Puns

Why did the policeman go to the Lebanese restaurant?

He was following up reports of a possible hummus side

Did you hear about that retired actress who was a heretic from Lebanon who married a woman?

She was a has-been thespian Wesleyan Lebanese lesbian.

I think I ate some bad Lebanese

I falafel

I needed some money...

So I decided to rob a bottle shop with my Lebanese friend. We agreed to meet around the corner of the shop in a dark alley at midnight and go from there.

I waited in that alley, and my colleague arrives with a bit of sweet pastry stuck to his head.
"You moron!!" I exclaim, "I said Balaclava!"

Did you hear they made a Lebanese character in Thomas the tank engine?

His name is Hummus the tank engine.

America's army is the most powerful army in the world, French Armed Forces is No. 5 in the world, Lebanese Armed Forces is...

Lebanese Armed Forces is the most powerful army in Lebanon.

What do you call a good looking Lebanese man?


Lebanese mind set : Make hummus not war !

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