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What are the two biggest fears of Russian military?

That the Chinese learn how to fight like the Finns, or that the Finns learn how to breed like the Chinese.

My friend proposed to his girlfriend

She is Chinese. So he learned to ask her in Mandarin. When she answered, he stared at her blankly.
He forgot to learn the words "yes" & "no".

A chinese father tells his 7 year old son he's adopted

His son replies: it's ok daddy I learned this in school already! 2 wongs don't make a white.

I've been learning Chinese for a long time...

Since I was ni hou to a grasshopper

If Danny Rand learned Chinese at the monastery...

Does that make him a K'un-Lun Linguist?

What is the Russian army generals worst nightmare?

That Finns learn to reproduce like the Chinese, or that the Chinese learn to reproduce like Finns

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