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This article explores the humour of using leaky repairs and funny puns to lighten up a situation. Learn about common examples of these jokes, including leaky roofs, leaky defences and leaky pipes, as well as more niche jokes, such as leaky faucets and leeks! Have a laugh as you explore the funny side of maintenance and repairs!

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How do you get a hipster to take a shower?

Give them a leaky showerhead.
You know, so they can avoid the main stream.

What's similar between a racehorse and a leaky faucet?

They're both off and running.

What do you call a hockey player in a leaky barn?

Grain Wetzsky

A prestigious neurosurgeon calls a plumber to tend to his leaky faucet.

The problem requires an easy fix and the entire job takes less than two minutes. Before leaving, the plumber says, That will be $200.
The surgeon was astonished. He says, I will be candid with you. I am a neurosurgeon and even I don't charge $100 a minute.
The plumber says, Yeah, I know. Before I switched to plumbing, I was a neurosurgeon too."

Did you hear about the dog who owned a leaky three-masted sailing ship?

His barque was worse than his bite.

My neighbor asked me (IT Support) how to fix his leaky faucet. Not being a plumber I offered the only advise I have:

"Have you tried turning it on and back off again?"

A thief stole a leaky tin of paint and is well hidden in the mall...

The police found him by following the blueprints.

What is witches slang for a c**...?

The leaky cauldron

how do you fix a leaky faucet?

....don't pay your water bill.

What did the brain say to the leaky bladder?

"Now, u**... big trouble!"

Leaky joke, What did the brain say to the leaky bladder?

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Leaky joke, What did the brain say to the leaky bladder?

Leaky joke, What did the brain say to the leaky bladder?