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What car brands mean

Ford-Flipped Over Rebuilt Dodge

Pontiac-Plan On Numerous Trips In Another Car

Fiat- Fix It Again Tony

Chevrolet-Cracked Heads, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks Every Time

Nissan-Needless Innovations, Silly, Stupid, Automotive Nonsense

GM-Gluteus Maximus

GMC-God's Mechanical Curse

LTD-Long, Thin Dumpster

Oldsmobile-Old Ladies Driving Slowly Make Others Behind Infuriatingly Late Every day.

I heard Bradley Manning became a woman

I guess he can't take leaks anymore.

Murphy–Snowden Law of Fluid Dynamics

Everything leaks out eventually.

Leaks joke, Murphy–Snowden Law of Fluid Dynamics

The iCloud leaks weren't an accident at all.

It was Apple trying to make up for causing Adam and Eve to have to wear clothes in the first place.

What happens when an aquarium leaks into a zoo?

It becomes OTTER PANDA-monium

Jared Fogle of Subway told his wife she didn't have to worry about the Ashley Madison leaks...

...he was on Club Penguin.

I can prove to you that electronics are powered by smoke...

by the irrefutable fact that they stop working when the smoke leaks out!

Leaks joke, I can prove to you that electronics are powered by smoke...

What do a gay dolphin and a car that leaks oil have in common?

Chances are, both have blown a seal

Doctor, I think that I've been bitten by a vampire.

Patient: Doctor, I think that I've been bitten by a vampire.

Doctor: Drink this glass of water.

Patient: Will it make me better?

Doctor: No, but I'll be able to see if your neck leaks.

BREAKING: White House staffer leaks that the President was surprised to learn that Checks and Balances didn't refer just to...

bank accounts

New leaks reveal that George Washington didn't cut down that cherry tree

it was actually brought down by Russian hackers

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CNN recently released a new report from one of Trumps closest aides. The unnamed source has disclosed that Trump has been diagnosed with sphincter dysfunction.

President Trump responded: "the news is fake, but the leaks are real."

All these celeb photos leaks...

I can't believe it's fappening again.

I once worked in a helium factory

It wasn't a very nice job, because of the leaks, but the owner was very sympathetic and we all spoke highly of her.

What website do you go to in order to find the plans to the Death Star?

Wookie Leaks

USA: the world may have Wikileaks and Anonymous, we are not far behind. We present to the world Donald Trump*.

*Exception to leaks may include president's tax papers.

Leaks joke, USA: the world may have Wikileaks and Anonymous, we are not far behind. We present to the world Dona

The Galaxy Note 8 leaks have been released online

It reveals that this time the phone will come with a "Detonate Now" app.

Electronics run on smoke...

It leaks out, they stop working.

How do they fact-check wiki leaks?

if (BooleanAssange) {}

What kind of vegetable do people farm indoors after it rains?


Why are Jews afraid of gas leaks?

Because it costs money

What do you call a hockey-player-turned-farmer whose silo leaks?

Grain Wetzsky

Hanging outside trying to catch some do-it-yourself tips from the Plumbers Only Convention.

So far, no leaks.

There should be a media platform that does frequent leaks but only one news dump a year...

It would be called AnnalLeaks

Mark Zuckerberg has been failing a lot recently: the Russian interference, the privacy leaks,

the touring test...

What is Hillary Clinton's least favorite vegetable?


The Pentagon has decided to remove all toilets from its facilities...

In doing so, they hope to reduce the number of leaks.

Confuscius say ...

Man who cooks, leaks, and creams in same pot need a wife.

Huge spoiler for the Lion King (2019)

Leaks state that James Earl Jones's character will die in the upcoming film. Didn't expect that one!

How are C++ and I alike?

Memory leaks everywhere.

What is a pirates least favorite vegetable


What do you call a religious Russian hacker that leaks your private information?


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