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Where does a toxicologist go to get the best possible education?

A Poison Ivy League College.

Premier league referees are amongst the best I've ever seen

What's the best part about League of Legends?

When you log out

Toyota and Ford decided to do a rowing competition

They both got their best teams together and had them compete. The result was a disaster for Ford. The Toyota rowing team beat them by leagues.
Ford had a crisis meeting, hired the best analysts and consultants, and after half a year they came up with a conclusion: The Toyota rowing boat had 8 rowers and one c**... while at Ford, one man was rowing and 8 yelled at him.
Ford's conclusion: The rower has to work harder.
Next year at the competition, Toyota won by an even larger margin.
So the rower was fired.

What is the second best hitters park in Major League Baseball?

Coors Light.

Batman be like

The League isn't the best place to fight crime so Gotham is where I go!

An interview with a fisherman.

After winning his 10th Masters Tournament Bill Bingly was being interviewed by ESPN. When asked about his secret to success, he responded with
"The best fish respond best to the best bait. I make my own bait at home and for the first time, I am willing to sell my bait to other fisherman. I can only make so much so, I will only be selling to the minor league fisherman. I will also be holding a seminar next week to teach my techniques to those very same fisherman. Maybe one day, they can join the Masters league like myself."
After running the story, headlines read: "Master Baiter to Teach and Sell to Minors."

Many years ago, a middle-aged couple took in a young woman boarder.

When she asked to take a bath, the woman of the house told her, "We don't have a bathtub but you're welcome to use the washtub in front of the fire. Monday nights would be best; my husband bowls every Monday."
The following Monday, when the husband had left for his bowling league, the housewife filled the washtub and watched as the young girl undressed.
She noticed with surprise that the girl had no p**... hair. When she told her husband later that night he didn't believe her, so she said, "Next Monday, before you go off to bowling, I'll leave a little gap in the curtains and you can sneak back in to see for yourself."
This week, as the girl undressed, the wife asked, "Do you shave yourself down there?"
"No," replied the girl, "I've just never grown any hair there. Do you have hair there?"
"Oh, yes," said the woman and she showed it to her.
After the husband came home from bowling, the wife asked him, "So? Did you see it?"
"Yes, and you were right," he said. "But why did you show her yours?"
"Why not?" she replied, "It's nothing you haven't seen before."
He replied, "True, but it was sure a surprise to my bowling team!"

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