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What's a wolf's favorite leafy green?


Some people say that leafy greens are the best thing for colon health

But I think fiber makes a solid number two.

3 little kids, Leafy, Rainy and Bricky.

They were asking their mother about their names.
Leafy asked:
— Mama, why is my name Leafy?
The Mother answered:
— Cause when you were born a Leaf fell on your head
Then Rainy asked:
— Mama, why is my name Rainy?
— Because when your were born, the water from the rain fell on your head
Then Bricky Asked:

What's a chicken's favourite green leafy vegetable?

Baaawk choy.

My girlfriend tried to sneak leafy greens into another country on our vacation...

...I thought customs was gonna Caeser salad, but they let it romaine.

What's a jalopy's favorite leafy green vegetable?


What's a white supremacist's favorite leafy green?


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