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What do the Titanic and The Toronto Maple Leafs have in common...

They both look great until they hit the ice.

Why is the Hockey Hall Of Fame situated in Toronto?

So that Leafs fans can remember what a Stanley cup looks like.

Why can't the Maple Leafs have any tea?

Because Boston has all the cups!

Leafs joke, Why can't the Maple Leafs have any tea?

How do you know when spring is here?

the Leafs are out!

Two elephants was eating some leafs and some grass at the savana

For the first time of their lives they see a naked man running in front of them.
One of the elephants wait a second, then bewildered turns to his friend and says:
I wonder how he gets his food to his mouth.

Ah Toronto, the only city where the leaves fall in autumn...

...and the Leafs fall in the spring

TIL that Fred Rogers never got to visit Toronto.

He had to use his imagination to travel to the Land of Maple Leafs.

Leafs joke, TIL that Fred Rogers never got to visit Toronto.

What's the difference between a Toronto Maple Leafs fan and a 14-year old girl?

Nothing. They are both just waiting for the first period to be over.

Why is the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto?

It's the only way a Leafs will get to see the Stanley Cup.

The maple leafs are my favourite curling team

Always sliding down the ice bumping into the walls and never hitting the bullseye.

What do the Titanic and The Toronto Maple Leafs have in common...

The last picture of the Titanic was in Black&White, so was the last picture of the Maple Leafs with the Stanley Cup

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Why were the Maple Leafs strumming guitars and singing sombrely on the ice?

They were playing the Blues

What's the difference between a line of cocaine and Toronto Maple Leafs tickets?

People would pass up the Leafs tickets.

I can't believe the Toronto maple leafs even have a website

They can't even put THREE W's together!

A philosopher finally realized the point of life

The point of life is to farm thousands of green paper leafs until you can get high enough to forget your alive

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