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  1. Top managers are like leaf blowers. They make a lot of air and noise moving a problem to another place. It stinks.
  2. Is there a gardener in the audience? Why does my leaf blower have a low setting?
    I've never needed to blow a leaf just a little.
    (Blows gently into microphone)
  3. Today, with kids going REeeeEEeee it makes me feel old and outdated when I was a kid, we used leaf blowers to clean the yard. we didn't impersonate them.
  4. Before I buy a leaf blower I want to make sure I understand the rules. We just blow the leaves at each other's houses, right?
  5. So I got denied a job at Home depot So I applied to work at Home depot and apparently selling s**... slaves doesn't qualify me to be a leaf blower salesman

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Leaf Blower One Liners

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  1. I heard the Toronto Maple Leafs now have the milk board as their sponsor. Now they only have to put in 2% of the effort.
  2. What do you call a treehugger that becomes a prostitue? Leaf blower
  3. Why was the grass wet? It saw the leaf blower coming
  4. What do you get when you put Scrabble letters in a leaf blower? The Welsh Language
  5. All immigrants should be assigned a house And a leaf blower
  6. What do you call a gay tree A leaf blower!
  7. Try putting a leaf blower against your ear. It will blow your mind.
  8. What do you call a Canadian p**...? A leaf blower
  9. My leaf blower doesn't work It just s**...!
  10. I got fired from my job of making leaf blowers... because they all s**....
  11. I had to return my leaf blower It s**...
  12. What do you call a man having o**... s**... with a plant? A leaf-blower

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The memo

An older man hires a guy every fall and his only job is to use my leaf blower and get the leaves out my yard.
He only pays in checks though. Just so he may write "thanks for the blow" on the memo line.

If a teacup holds tea and a coffee cup holds coffee then what does a peecup hold?

Three Mexicans, a lawn mower, two leaf blowers and a half dozen rakes will fit in a peecup (pickup with Spanish accent).