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father to his adopted son: "what is the limit of laziness?"
son: "having an adopted son"

Today I won the National Laziness Championship!

What did you win?


The 5 signs of laziness


Laziness joke, The 5 signs of laziness

Do you know what is laziness?

Laziness is the art of taking rest before getting tired. lol

I entered a laziness competition and placed first.

I got atrophy.

Why didn't the shepard cut off his sheep's wool?

Shear laziness.

I participated in a laziness competition...

I won atrophy.

Laziness joke, I participated in a laziness competition...

My laziness is like the number 8.

Once it lies down, it becomes infinite.

What's the epitome of laziness?


Hard work pays off in in the future

Laziness pays off now

If there was an award for laziness...

I'd make someone go get it for me.

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If laziness were an olympic discipline...

... I'd want to finish 4th so I wouldn't have to climb the medals podium...

If there was award for laziness...

. I would send someone else to get it.

What is the pinnacle of laziness?

Having a remote control for your remote control.

Laziness is a disease....

What, you've never heard of To Rest Syndrome?

First Rule of Laziness: If an object falls under the bed,

it is lost forever.

Laziness joke, First Rule of Laziness: If an object falls under the bed,

Let me introduce a special unit to measure laziness - *hackrow*.

So men with 1000 *hackrow* will be workaholic vice versa.

If I won the award for laziness, I would send somebody to pick it up for me.

How lazy are you?

Laziness is like a lever.

I don't feel like switching it right now.

If I had a dollar every time someone commented about my laziness

I would eventually have enough money to stay that way

The five symptoms of laziness

If laziness was an Olympic sport, I would have gotten fourth place

so that I wouldn't get up on the pedestal to get that medal.

If laziness was an Olympic sport

I would

What are the 5 symptoms of laziness?


I asked my doctor if he had a pill I could take to cure my laziness.

"Yes," he said.

"That's great! Now could you please place it in my mouth?"

Scientists have discovered the best way to cure laziness.

Unfortunately nobody has bothered to read the article.

If laziness was an Olympic sport.

I'd come in fourth so I wouldn't have to walk up to the podium.

What's the biggest laziness?

The moment when you don't even bother to shiver.

I'm currently suffering from laziness

So I'm gonna try and sleep it off for the next few days.

If war is the father of invention, and necessity is the mother of invention...

Then laziness must be the drunk uncle with inventions like the remote control, la-z-boy, and the clapper.

What's the difference between relaxation and laziness?

The angle of the recliner.

Laziness is the engine of progress.

The accountant printed out 50 absolutely clean sheets on the printer. To the question Why? , she replied that she needed 50 blank sheets, and she did not want to count them manually.

If laziness was an Olympic sport

I would've placed 4th so I wouldn't have to climb the winners' stairs

Definition of laziness

The art of taking rest before getting tired. Because prevention is better than cure.

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