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If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together

And then move the rest of them to match the layout of a QWERTY keyboard too.

Bob Seger sits in a park with a tired-eyed old man. He's learning how to play chess.

After going over the layout and setup of the board, the old man begins a lesson on to the movement of the individual pieces.
Queens move in all directions, any distance. Kings are the same but with only one space. He didn't understand the knight, though.
Two in one direction, then one to the side.
Hm, funny how the knight moves.

What do you call a gay keyboard layout?


What do you call re-arranging the layout of your network?


What keyboard layout does Miley Cyrus use?



Two civil engineers were competing for a bid to do the road layout for a city. The engineer that lost accused the other of cheating, to which the winner said "Roundabouts are fair play".

I got onto my submarine at the military base, and realized that the lay-out was different. Even worse, some guys stuff was in my bunk!

Whoops, wrong sub

A graduate student submits his thesis to his advisor...

A few days later, the advisor returns in with a single note: Needs Improvement.
So the student makes a few changes and resubmits it. Again, the advisor returns it with the single note: Needs Improvement.
This time, the student pores over it, double checks every word, adds every reference he can find, and adjusts the layout to make it more readable. He walks into his advisor's office and says, "I have done everything I possible can, this is absolutely perfect."
The advisor takes it from him and says, "Okay, I guess I'll actually read it this time."

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