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I like my women like I like my drain pipes.

Covered in a thin layer of PVC and attached to a wall.

I firmly believe in taking care of one's body...

That's why I protect mine in a thick layer of fat.

I caught my neighbor putting a layer of topsoil on my allotment

The plot thickened

Layer joke, I caught my neighbor putting a layer of topsoil on my allotment

I love my 6-pack so much I protect it with a layer of fat.

Do you know why there was a thick layer of dust at the end of the stairs?

Because it was the ground floor.

My abs are so perfect...

...that i keep them safe and sound under a protective layer of beer belly.

What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cement mixer?

A brick layer.

Layer joke, What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cement mixer?

These days my boss has been getting on my nerves. See I'm a brick layer and he is always yelling to layer the bricks faster and faster...

These days everyone wants instant stratification.

My Father was a brick layer before he was sent to prison.

To this day he still isn't a free mason.

For sale: Thick layer of dust

As seen on TV.

My wife has been keeping secrets from me.

I just built a fence and put down some paving. Turns out not only is she a master carpenter she's also an expert brick layer. If only I had known earlier I could have sought her advice before I did the work. It would have saved me from making all the obvious mistakes she pointed out after the work was done.

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What's the difference between Yo Yo Ma and Yo Mama?

One is a famous cello player

The other is a heinous fellow layer

What is the cheesiest line you ever said to anyone?

Me: Double cheese margherita with cheese burst crust and triple layer extra cheese.

A man goes to the psychiatrists wearing nothing but a layer of saran wrap.

When the man asked the Doctor to give him a diagnosis, the Doctor replied: "Well, clearly I can see your nuts."

After finishing my yoga workout, i realized that i actually have an undercover yoga body.

That cover just happens to be a layer of fat.

Earth's layers got into an argument over who is the gayest power-bottom.

The crust came out on top.

Layer joke, Earth's layers got into an argument over who is the gayest power-bottom.

When the UPS guy asked if I wanted the feathers under a birds exterior layer delivered to me,

I responded with ELO's ninth track on the album discovery

Earth is flat

Because the ozone layer is punctured.

Enough with all the layered number pun jokes

I'm getting six and tiered of them.

how many layers of skin is a Jewish man missing?


Four men are at a bar bragging about how successful their sons are

One says"my son is a successful brick layer and he bought his friend a Lamborghini just because"...the second man says"my friend is a successful real estate agent and he bought his friend a yacht just because"the third man says"my son is a great lawyer and he bought his friend a mansion just because"....their was a minute of silence and the second man asks the fourth man what his son does ...the fourth man replies"he's a gay stripper"..the third man says"oh you must be ashamed I'm sorry"which the fourth man says"not really his three boyfriends bought him a Lamborghini,a yacht,and a mansion just because"

Guy dies and goes to hell.

Satan meets him and tells him he's got to pick between 2 rooms. They go into the first room, and it's full of people standing on their heads on a marble floor. He takes him to the second room, and it's full of people sitting in an 18-inch deep layer of shit, drinking coffee. Guy figures that he likes coffee, and he'll get used to the smell, so he chooses the second room. He gets a cup of coffee, sits down and takes a sip. At that moment, Satan sticks his head back in the room and calls out Ok, everybody. Coffee break's over. Back on your heads!

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