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  1. What do a bag of Lay's potato chips and the Milky Way have in common? They're both mostly empty space.
  2. A male potato chip steps up to the bar and buys a drink. He sees two female potato chips sitting nearby. He says to the one female potato chip, "Excuse me. Are you Herr's or Frito Lay?"
  3. The founder of the Lays potato chip company came to Hawaii the other day. As a welcoming gift, we gave him leis.
  4. A potato chip walks into a club... He sees a nice looking corn chip sitting at the bar. He goes up to her and asks " Are you frito-lay?" She says "No, 50 dollars."
  5. My friend brags about having s**... with potato chips He keeps on telling me how many lays he's had.
  6. What do m**... and Lay's potato chips have in common? It's hard to stop with just one.
    From Under the Dome (the book).

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  1. How does a male potato chip mate with a female potato chip? He Lay's on her.
  2. Why did the potato go to the chip factory? It was trying to get Lay-ed
  3. What brand of potato chip do Matadors prefer? "Oh Lays"
  4. A boy potato chip asks a girl potato chip "are you Wise or are you Frito-Lay?"
  5. Why should you eat potato chips? Cause you might get Lay'ed
  6. What did the potato chip say to the battery?
    If you're Eveready, I'm Frito Lay.
  7. If I were making a new planet... Its atmosphere would be Lay's Potato Chips.
  8. What do you call a s**... potato chip? A Free-to-lay
  9. d**... are like LAYS potato chips... No one ever s**... JUST ONE!!

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Latvian Dreamin'

Little boy go to father. Is midnight. Say boy, "Father! I dream I is Mr. Potato! Have big eyes and smile! Even having shoes! I wish I Mr. Potato for all ever!"
Man woke in midnight all sudden. Rubs eyes. Remembers boy dead by mule, and is no potato. Only cold. Is all dream. Lay back on dirt. No smiles. No shoes.

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One of the patrons at a bar opened a bag of potato chips and gave it to the bartender's dog. When the dog ate the contents of the bag, he lay down and started grooming his g**.... A guy says to his friend ''I wish I could do that.'' The friend replies ''Well give him a chip and maybe he will let you.''