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  1. I invented a new word. Plagiarism.
    EDIT : This joke was invented by me and copyrighted. Dare to take it and a lawsuit shall find you.
  2. Asiana Airlines will be filing a lawsuit against KTVU for its inappropriate and racist names that were falsely broadcasted mid day Friday 7/12... ....said Asiana's attorney Wi Su Yu
  3. What do lawyers wear to court? Lawsuits! 😂
    Courtesy of the popsicle I just enjoyed. Had to share. Have a great day.
  4. I read the other day that Penn State has spent $237 million defending the university during the Sandusky lawsuit. Think of how many peoples' education that would pay for. At least 4 or 5.
  5. What do accordionists and a lawsuit have in common? Everyone is relieved when the case is closed.
  6. *class action lawsuit* If COVID has forced you or a loved one to wear a mask with your glasses… you may be entitled to condensation.
  7. Why is NASA having a lawsuit filed against them from animal protection? ...because curiosty killed the cat
  8. Did you hear about the latest Calvin Klein Lawsuit? Yeah - but it wasn't much of a suit. It was actually a brief case.
  9. An upset man has filed a lawsuit against Nirvana over the band's iconic 1991 album cover. Sounds like a baby just trying to grab some money.
  10. Why was the new lawyer not too fond of his work outfit? He wasn't comfortable being in a lawsuit yet.

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Lawsuit One Liners

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  1. What kind of clothing do Karens wear? A lawsuit.
  2. What does a lawyer wear to the courthouse? A lawsuit.
  3. What does a lawyer wear to work? A lawsuit!
    I should get a hobby...
  4. Why don't lawsuits last very long? Because most lawyers have briefcases.
  5. What do lawyers wear to court? *Lawsuits*
  6. What's an American's favourite clothing? A lawsuit
  7. Judge threw out a lawsuit against Starbucks said the Plaintiff had no grounds.
  8. Donald Trump's lawsuits are like his regular suits, They all hang on something useless.
  9. iSpy iSpy, with my little "i" a lawsuit from Apple for trademark infringement.
  10. What do a viola and a lawsuit have in common? Everyone is happy when the case is closed.
  11. What sort of clothes do lawyers wear? Lawsuits
  12. I got sent to court over a missing tuxedo Long story short, I lost the lawsuit as well
  13. What does a judge wear to work? A lawsuit
  14. What do most people wear to court? Law-suits
  15. A deaf guy lost a lawsuit. He didn't even know that there was a hearing.

Lawsuit joke, A deaf guy lost a lawsuit.

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The lawsuit seeking 'personhood' status for chimpanzees

Evidence in this lawsuit clearly demonstrates that the legal definition of "person" is badly flawed,
and needs to be corrected by excluding liberal lawyers.

Why did they pull a lawsuit against the spa for their wax treatment?

It was a ripoff.

A Priest a Rabbi and a Scientologist walk into a bar...

The Priest orders an orange juice, the Rabbi orders an apple juice and the Scientologist orders a lawsuit for libel, slander and defamation.

What do you call a lawsuit against a zombie?

Deceased and desist

How did the geologist win his lawsuit?

By taking advantage of the quartz system.

If I had a nickel for every watermelon I've chucked at my neighbors window.

I still wouldn't have enough bail money for a vandalism lawsuit.

If you're going to file a lawsuit against the Federal Reserve what medicine should you take?


A lawyer walks into a courtroom without a shirt

Lawyer: "Can we please postpone this trial?"
Judge: "Of course, how can we start the trial when you've forgotten your lawsuit!"

Caitlyn Jenner is filing a Lawsuit for s**... Harassment...

Claims that she's Constantly being Groped by Bruce Jenner.

What is Conor McGregors favourite suit?

A LAWsuit
Bye now

A man who has a lawsuit with Folgers

has grounds to sue.

What kind of outfit does a lawyer wear?

A lawsuit

What does Sargon wear when he goes to court?

His lawsuit.

A lawsuit was filed and won against you for 10,000 upvotes

I'm here to collect

How has there not been a class action lawsuit against the major diaper companies?

Those things have never held the 22-37 pounds they advertise.

What does a lawyer wear when he goes to the pool?

A lawsuit

You can actually file a lawsuit against the federal government in the United States. It's a myth that you can't. All you have to do is simply take some specific medication.

And that medication, my friends, is Sudafed®

What's the best thing to wear to court?

A lawsuit.

A friend just got an intellectual property lawsuit filed against him.

He told a «your mother» joke to someone, and the target of it claimed he'd come up with that joke first, and demanded compensation.
I have no idea which way it'll swing, but I'm gonna bring popcorn to the trial where a judge decided whether someone's mother is fair use or public domain…

The serial killer who used his car to run over people has finally been arrested

According to lawsuit analysts, he musthang.

If you walk outside n**..., You'll return with a suit.

Not just any suit, A lawsuit.

Why do lawsuits against sand and silt never make it to court?

Sediment always settles

I'm worried about this lawsuit against Madison Cawthorn.

I just don't see him walking away from this one.

A lawyer walked into the courtroom wearing nothing but his underwear and asked, "Can we please postpone the trial?"

The judge replied, "Of course! How can we start when you've forgotten your lawsuit?"

How do you celebrate winning a lawsuit over a fake injury?

You drink sham-pain.

Lawsuit joke, How do you celebrate winning a lawsuit over a fake injury?

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