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They banned talking on mobile phones while driving in Germany

With the new law, a man went to an electronics shop looking for something that would help him to answer his calls, but still keep his focus on driving. The store employee offered to have his brother Hansel ride with him and put the phone up to his ear when it rang.
The man said "No, that won't work. Do you have a Hans-free device?"

Trump just lifted the ban on hunting hibernating bears

In other words, this gun law says "You have the right to bear" arms.

There was a new law passed banning anyone from shouting at a cat.

It's considered furball a**....

Trump wants to pass a law banning grocery stores from selling shredded cheese...

... in order to "make America Grate again"

China has recently banned puns.

In hindsight it might be a punenforcable law.

Why is sunshine no longer allowed in California?

They passed a law implementing Ray Bans.

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