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  1. Lawrence Welk had twin girls and he named them both Anna. How were they distinguished? Anna 1, Anna 2.
  2. Why didn't Johnny Lawrence's sensei have any children? Irons became so popular in the 1960s that not a single girl had a Kreese in her pants.
  3. So I hear there is going to be a sequel to Lawrence of Arabia It's going to be called Lawrence of Two Rabias.
  4. On the one hand I feel bad that Jeniffer Lawrence privacy was invaded, but on the other hand ...well that hand is busy.
  5. My aim in life is to turn negative into positive... ...which is how I lost my job at AIDS clinic.
    - Andrew Lawrence
  6. People complaining about recent cop shootings are dumb how else are people like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence supposed to feed their family?
  7. What would make Jennifer Lawrence a famous writer? Rolling down a hill while married to Lenny Kravitz.
  8. What did Allen Ginsberg say upon being intoduced to Lawrence Ferlinghetti? Howl do you do ?
  9. How to make Jennifer Lawrence be in love with you Be a stair. She'll fall right over you.
  10. Jennifer Lawrence has said that those who saw her n**... photos should cower in shame... ...I don't know about all that, but I did shower after I came.

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  1. Happy Martin Lawrence Day Mar 10
  2. Dating two girls at once isn't too savage Unless it's Winnie Cooper and Topanga Lawrence
  3. What's the weakest thing in the world? Jennifer Lawrence's icloud password.
  4. What is big and brown and plays the accordion? Lawrence Elk
  5. Don't worry Jennifer Lawrence... Every icloud has a silver linings.
  6. How can you date Jennifer Lawrence?
  7. What did Jennifer Lawrence say to Julius Caesar? ..."May the Ides be ever in your favor."
  8. Know how I know Jennifer Lawrence is gay? She likes Coldplay
  9. If Jennifer Lawrence was a poet, what would her name be? Maya Ingenue
  10. What do you call a man who rides his camel backwards? Lawrence of Dublin.

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  • On one hand I feel bad that Jennifer Lawrence n**... pics were released On the other hand, well that ones busy
  • Did you hear they found the body of the guy that leaked the Jennifer Lawrence n**...? They say he's the first person ever to be hi-fived to death.
  • Well i heard that Jennifer Lawrence's n**... had been leaked.. On one hand i do feel that it was wrong. But on the other..well the other hand's busy..
  • I bet whoever leaked the Jennifer Lawrence n**... will... Catching Fire from authorities.
Lawrence joke, I bet whoever leaked the Jennifer Lawrence n**... will...

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Lawrence: Mom do you know that our maid is an angel? Mom: Why do you think so?
Lawrence: I saw her n**... today with her hands on the wall screaming "Oh my God I'm coming!!..if it wasn't for Dad that was holding her tight from behind, she would have gone to heaven..

Lawrence joke, Well i heard that Jennifer Lawrence's n**... had been leaked..