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  1. What do you call a law enforcement agency that refuses to buy it's own vehicles? The Pro-lease department
  2. A criminal defense lawyer says "Don't talk" to his clients regarding interactions with law enforcement, except to his deaf-mute clients, to whom he says "Don't sign anything."
  3. How is your wife like law enforcement? She will never ask you a question she doesn't already know the answer to.
  4. I respect the Secret Service They are the only law enforcement agency in the country that gets in trouble if a black man gets shot.
  5. What do you call a financially unstable law enforcement officer that writes dark poetry and literature? A po popo Poe
  6. How do you tell the difference between a gay man and someone in law enforcement? How they pronounce CATCHTHESEMEN
  7. Why do people who say, "I'm moving out of the USA if ___________ doesn't win!", never actually leave? Because other countries actually enforce their immigration laws.
  8. If i could change my DNA to be better in law enforcement ... It could lead to serious genetic cop-sequences.
  9. My first stand-up performance was for a law-enforcement fraternity. It didn't go so well... ... in fact, they wanted to charge me with "Attempted Manslaughter".
  10. A friend of mine in law enforcement doesn't like The Clash. I guess you could say that sheriff don't like it.

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  1. What is a cats way of keeping law and order? Claw enforcement!
  2. What are law enforcement officers called in Vatican City? The Pope Po
  3. Who's the law enforcement in the font world? Sans Sheriff
  4. Homeless & unemployed cyborg law enforcer Hobocop
  5. What do law enforcement personnel sing during Christmas? Police navidad
  6. What do you call the religious leader of law enforcement? the popope.
  7. What's a Roman law enforcement officers favorite language? Pig Latin
  8. Law of Gravity doesn't apply to Chuck Norris, he enforces it... with a round house kick.

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I'm planning on starting a s**... club....

... in Poland. It will be called Pole Land.
I will hire people from ex law enforcement as strippers.
The slogan for the club will be: "Welcome to Pole Land, in Poland: Where Polish police polish your pole".
The slogan did pretty well in market research polls.

Bubba n' Buford IV

Law enforcement officers in east Texas must also be linguists on occasion just to communicate. Take the time Bubba n' Buford were pulled over outside of Madisonville and the officer walked up and simply said "You boys have any ID?". Now that would seem a simple, clearly understood request...but not in east Texas. Buford with a puzzled look on his face responded "ID 'bout what?"

In the US, law enforcement is like Clorox 2...

safe for w**..., but really made for colors.

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 brutally r**... and murdered several other numbers and is still on the run from law enforcement