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Funniest Laundromat Short Jokes

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  1. I love putting on warm underwear fresh out of the dryer... Plus it's super fun to look around the laundromat and guess who they belong to.
  2. A blonde walks into a laundromat... And says to a worker, "can you wash this shirt?"
    The worker did not hear her and said "come again?"
    The blonde than replies "no it is mustard this time"
  3. A guy escaped from the lunatic asylum. He broke into the local laundromat, banged the female assistant and ran off.
    Headline in the local newspaper next day read,
    "Nut Screws Washer and Bolts .
  4. I love putting on warm underwear fresh out of the dryer. Plus it's fun to look around the laundromat and guess who they belong to.
  5. A Woman goes into a laundromat The woman says: I spilled salad on it. The Worker, not hearing them, said: Come again?
    The woman says: No, not this time, it was salad.
  6. I got charged $50 by a taxi driver to go to a laundromat only 2 miles away I feel like I've been taken to the cleaners
  7. Did you hear about the guy that escaped from a loony bin, went to the laundromat and assaulted some patrons, then ran away? The headline in the paper read,
    > Nut Screws Washers and Bolts.
  8. Did you hear what happened at the laundromat last night? Three clothespins held up two shirts.
  9. So I was at the laundromat the other day I went to the change machine to get some quarters. It took my bill but nothing came back out.
    And I thought, "that doesn't make cents."
  10. I got up the courage to try the change machine at the laundromat today But it must be out of order
    my life is still the same

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Laundromat One Liners

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  1. Why couldn't mike tyson go to the laundromat? Because it was clothed.
  2. I work at a laundromat It's always loads of fun.
  3. How is your mom just like a laundromat? For a dollar in quarters she will take my load.
  4. Why did the Bee laundromat close down? They were arrested for honey laundering.
  5. I am a single male and I folded a fitted sheet at the laundromat today AMA!
  6. Lots of women go to the laundromat But it seems to deter gents
  7. Why does the U.N. keep close tabs on laundromats? They're watching for ethnic cleansing.
  8. What do communists do at the laundromat? Wash their lenins
  9. What you call Andre the Giant if he worked at a Laundromat? Laundre the Giant
  10. Yo mama is like a laundromat... 25 cents per load.
  11. What do you call the dapper bouncer at a coin op laundromat? The Deter Gent.
  12. My laundromat is Racist The insist i separate my w**... from my colours.

Laundromat joke, My laundromat is Racist

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Blonde walks into a...

A blonde goes into a laundry mat and asks to have her sweater cleaned. The laundromat attendant doesn't hear her correctly and says, "come again?" The blonde blushes slightly and giggles, "oh, no it's just mustard this time."

Crazy man has s**... with machine at laundromat and evades police

Nut screws washer and bolts

I like to do my laundry n**... so that all my clothes are clean.

Unfortunately, the patrons at the laundromat don't seem to agree.

What does a p**... and a laundromat have in common?

If you run out of time you will need more change to finish your load.

Spanish Stores End in "ía"

For instance, florists is florería. Lavandería is a laundromat. But what do you call Taco Bell for short?

I brought my therapy dog named stains to the laundromat the other day and he started to run of

So i shouted come stains!

Why does Donald Trump still go to laundromats?

It's the only place he can admit he wants to separate w**... from coloreds.

Laundromat joke, I am a single male and I folded a fitted sheet at the laundromat today AMA!