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Putin has started to launch missile attacks from submarines off the coast of an East African archipelago

He shells Seychelles by the seashore

What did the hungry missile say?

When is launch at?

Pyongyang launches nuclear missile following end of US election

Just kidding, thought I should lighten the mood a little.

TIL there are cool vessels that go underwater and can launch nuclear missiles!

Why did the North Korean missile launch fail?

Because they have inferior military technology

Why Pyongyang the capital of North Korea?

It is the same noise the elastic bands that launch their nuclear missiles make

North Korea launches short range missile -

A U.S. warship is conducting war exercises off the coast of N. Korea

The captain accidentally launches a live cruise missile at N. Korea. The missile strikes Pyongyang and kills Kim Jong Un. The captain goes on trial and is found guilty. President Trump attends the sentencing hearing due to its importance. The captain begs Trump for a pardon explaining that he killed one of out countries greatest adversaries and it was by accident.
Trump walks up to him and whispers in his ear, "No pardon. He was my friend."

Are you the USA to my North Korea

Because I want to launch my missile into you

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